Empty Bank? Withdraw Bank Overdraft in Cash up to 3 Times your Salary

Did you know that Indian banks provide their customers with an overdraft facility?

You must be wondering what this facility is and how you can avail it. If you want answers to all of these questions then I suggest you read this article carefully.

Empty Bank Account? Withdraw Cash up to 3 Times your Salary

Overdraft option allows the customers to borrow money from their banks which is a short term lending facility. The customers can utilise this service when they are out of money in their bank accounts. It can turn out to be of great aid in times of financial crisis. This short term lending facility enables the bank customers to get small loans which can help them get through their financial problems.

  • However, this facility is available at very few banks, specially which are state-owned like State Bank of India and ICICI Bank which is one of the largest private sector lenders in the country.
  • Although the limit varies from bank to bank, the customers can get an overdraft facility of up to three times their monthly salary. 
  • Banks generally educate their customers on overdraft facilities through communication channels like SMS where they disclose the overdraft facility usage cap.
  • You should also understand that not all the salaried customers are eligible for overdraft facility.
  • In most of the scenarios, the bank will lend only a portion of the customer’s  monthly salary.
  • This facility is majorly available for the customers with salary accounts with the selected banks.
  • The banks rectify the credit ratings before offering the transferring the promised overdraft in the user’s account.
  • Banks would charge an interest rate on the money given to you in advance which ranges from 1 to 3 percent.


In this article, you learnt about the overdraft facility available for the salaried employees with salary accounts at selected banks. Please ensure to learn about the process at your bank along with the other conditions attached to the facility. Avail this facility and get through your financial crisis easily.

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