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Here Are 6 Really Basic Things That We Couldn’t Get Hang Of

Although I’m a grown-up, still there are few basic things that I find hard to get hang of. I’m sure I’m not the only one, as there are many people who don’t know how to whistle.

Believe me, there are people who can’t even wink properly. And I am one of them! (sigh)

So, to discuss that, here are the 6 basic things that you might not know how to do properly.

1. Cripling situation of time management

basic things - time management

Before you start your day, it’ll be good if you had your time managed properly. Otherwise, you might not get time to do the important stuff, such as playing PUBG. LOL.

2. People know how to do pout but whistling is science for them

basic things - whistling

Whistling is not just sound coming out of your mouth, it is the best way to kill time. Though, not everyone knows how to whistle. All they do is spit, whenever they try to whistle.

3. Underdog of the makeup, eyeliner

basic things - eyeliner

We men, find that eyeliner on women very attractive. After all, it makes their eyes look beautiful. But what we don’t know, is the struggle of putting eyeliner. One mistake and those sharp lines will turn into a picture of anaconda.

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4. Tying knots

basic things - tying knot

Yes, I can feel you, bro. Tying knots is not very difficult, just make a loop and take the rope from the inside of the loop. But my best bet to tie a knot is by looping things around other random things and putting the end through random holes, hoping nothing will fall off.

5. Not knowing when to shut up

basic things - Shut up

Okay, I don’t care about the shit that came out of other peoples mouth, but sometimes they should know it’s time to shut the fuck up. Yes, I haven’t watched birdbox yet and people don’t how to stop talking about it. I get it, OK. Gawd!

6. Fuck that Maths

basic things Math

I’m not judging you, you can be the modern Ramanujan but just don’t ask me what’s the value of what’s 900-1. Otherwise, you have to answer why your face looks like the shit that I dumped in the morning.

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In Conclusion:

Don’t feel sad if you can’t do some basic things properly. You are a grown up now, you can make excuses on why you can’t whistle. No one is perfect is one of the excuses you can make or be creative and tell them you are a grown up now.

And you purposely love hopping around doing silly things that kids do!

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