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Basic Yoga Poses That You Can Do Even In Your Busy Days

Offering both mental and physical benefit, there is no doubt yoga is something that everyone should do. I bet you already know that, but still, you are waiting for tomorrow.

Let me tell you, tomorrow will never come. You’ll be stuck doing the same chores tomorrow. Again. So, you have to make time to include yoga in your daily routine.

That’s why in order to help you, here are 15 basic yoga poses that you can do even on your busy days. Also, these poses are perfect for both- beginners and experts. Now you can’t make any excuse!!! Here they are-

1. Chaturanga

basic yoga poses

One of the simplest yoga poses that even a kid can do is ‘Chaturanga dandasana’. This one helps to strengthen your back. Also, it’s quite beneficial for improving posture. Stand tall and strong, girls will be pulled towards you, I’m serious.

2. Cobra

basic yoga poses

Cobra pose, doesn’t it sound cool? Wait till you hear the real name. In yogi (language of yoga) Cobra is known as ‘Bhujangasana’, not so cool, haan! But it does stretch your shoulder, chest and lower back to decrease stress which does sound like a good thing.

3. Downward facing dog

basic yoga poses

Don’t think any weird stuff, it’s actually a yoga pose called ‘adho mukha śvānāsana’ in yogi. It helps to stretch the back of your leg. The part which you use all the time. And it can get stiff by carrying your entire weight throughout the day.

4. Cat

basic yoga poses

Known as cat in simple terms, it’s called ‘Marjariasana’ in yogi. Just like a nice furry cat, this cat pose helps relieve stress and calms your mind. Other than that it helps you achieve better coordination with your body.

5. Cow

basic yoga poses

Bitilasana (cow pose) is quite similar to cat pose (Marjariasana) and offers almost the same benefits. Doing cow pose might not help you get those muscles, but it will be quite helpful in improving the functioning of your internal organs.

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6. Locust

Also, known as Salabhasana, locust pose is the one that you might find hard to do in one go. Though, you’ll be able to do it after some practice. This pose will help you attain relieve from constipation, indigestion and lower-back pain.

7. Boat

basic yoga poses

Boat pose is the easy name for the Navasana. This one will help you stretch your hamstrings and strengthens your spine and hip flexors. Also helps to reduce fat and strengthens those abdominal muscles. You might not get those abs, but a flat sexy stomach is guaranteed.

8. Chair

basic yoga poses

Utkatasana is the real name of Chair yoga pose and it is harder than it looks. This one will put its main focus on improving your lower body. By stretching chest and shoulders, this pose will help you to get those sexy legs and strengthen your hip flexors, ankles, calves, and back.

9. Corpse

basic yoga poses

Yup, you heard it right. In Sanskrit, corpse means dead body and this pose is called Shavasana. Sounds creepy but perfect for people who don’t like to sit. All you have to do is lay down flat. By doing so, your body will relax and release stress. This one is the easiest pose in this list of basic yoga poses.

10. Upward bow

basic yoga poses

Urdhva Dhanurasana looks like fun, but it is not that simple. Though, if you have performed all the above poses, you can easily try to learn new and advanced things. This one helps you in stretching your chest and lungs. In turn, it increases energy and counteracts depression.

11. Extended side angle

basic yoga poses

To be honest, I find hard to pronounce this one my self. But knowing the original name is important so here is it, Utthita Parsvakonasana. This pose will help you in increasing your endurance and is also considered as a good workout for your quadriceps (muscles of your front legs).

12. Tree

basic yoga poses

Vrksasana, which means tree in Sanskrit, provides perfect remedy for flat feet and sciatica (a back pain condition). Vrksasana also helps to strengthen calves and angles. This one can become anyone’s favorite as this is one of the simplest yoga poses.

13. Easy pose

basic yoga poses

Just as its name suggests Sukhasana is an easy pose, all you have to do is sit straight and breath. Though, you are not supposed to use a smartphone or any other tech. Because don’t assume that by checking your phone while simply sitting, you’ll make better use of time, as the main purpose of doing it is to relieve your body from anxiety and stress.

14. Extended hand to toe

basic yoga poses

Just like it’s Sanskrit name, Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, this pose is one of the hardest to perform. But it’s not impossible. The main benefit of this pose is to improve your sense of balance.

15. Shoulder stand

basic yoga poses

Some of you must have enjoyed doing this pose as a kid, known as Sarvangasana in Sanskrit. This pose is very easy to perform. If you catch a cold very easily, perform shoulder stand. It will help you get relief from it. Other than this it also strengthens the heart and respiratory system.

In Conclusion:

After doing these basic yoga poses for a week, you’ll start to feel the difference in your body both physically and mentally. And when this happens, you’ll find that it’s not that hard to do it. Even a single day without yoga will make you feel like something is missing.

But don’t worry, yoga is not bad for anything. Also, it will help you figure out some interesting positions in bed with your partner.

So, if not for your body and your brain at least do it for sex.

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