Battling Heatwaves: Experts Say Drinking Too Much Water Harm Kidneys

The weather office has predicted terrible heatwaves and requested officials to issue an orange alert for the people to be cautious. National Capital is getting affected by the raging heatwaves, and so far the minimum temperature recorded on Sunday settled at 25 degrees Celsius, as per the India Meteorological Department (IMD).


Heatwaves Getting More Terrible

On Sunday the humidity noted at 8:30 am was 40 per cent. As per the weather forecast, the skies will be clear with soaring heatwaves conditions, and in the isolated areas of the National Capital, these conditions can become even worse. The maximum temperature is said to be retained at around 45 degrees Celsius.

Doctor’s Suggestions To Fight HeatWaves

On Saturday in specific regions of Delhi, an intolerable high temperature was recorded at 45 degrees celsius in the region called Mungeshpur.

Aiming to prepare everyone to fight these raging heat conditions, Dr Sumit Aggarwal, “who is a senior consultant, Internal Medicine Specialist and & General Physician at Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre in Faridabad” has some advice for us. He wants us to revise our routine, clothing style and eating habits.

Dr Aggarwal said, “Hot weather brings with it certain issues. People get dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink enough fluids, and water preferably. One can even have fresh fruit juices. Eat oranges and watermelon. Eat fresh home-cooked food. Also, during this season mosquitoes are all over the place. While it is important to wear light clothes, they should cover the whole body.”

Stay Hydrated But Don’t Drink Too Much

Doctors warned us that your goal to stay hydrated is a perfect plant to fight dehydration in summer, but overdoing it or drinking too much can affect the kidneys.

Dr Honey Savla who is a “consultant at the Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai” explains, “Drink water eight to 12 glasses a day is sufficient if you are indoors. But if your work keeps you outdoors, drink only when you are thirsty – maybe an additional litre of water.

Remember if you have any type of kidney or heart condition, then you should confirm with your doctors first before making a goal to drink eight to twelve glasses of water. How many glasses of water a person can consume completely depends on his age, health and organ condition.

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Overhydration is a condition that occurs when a person has excess water in his or her body and this condition can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, dizziness, fatigue and much more. Your other option can be to consume lemonade, but not for diabetics.

Dr Vaishali Verma, a dietician at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka said, “Since diabetics can’t have any sugar, there are a few alternatives that can keep them healthy and sugar levels in check. They can have a sattu drink. Can add lemon juice, spices, salt and cold water. They can have salted lemon and mint water. They can have jaljeera and low-fat buttermilk.”

Dr Salva suggests, “Don’t go out in the afternoons. While remaining hydrated is necessary, avoid coffee, tea, and aerated drinks.”


Do what is necessary but don’t overdo it. Stay hydrated and ignore moving outside the house or office at noontime. Keep taking fluids in adequate quantities, and if you feel these problems “Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps due to weak muscles, Feeling tired, or Headaches”, while staying hydrated then consult with your doctor as they are the symptoms of overhydration.

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