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Be Kind And You Can Become Someone’s Long-Term Partner

Relationship is one thing where compatibility between partners is the key. And while looking for a partner you need to get the traits that you want right in. Talking of traits the foremost call would be looks and finance, however, that’s not what would help you to set a long-term relationship.


So, what can be that one trait that can help in building a long-term relationship. The answer is “kindness”. In a recent research conducted by Swansea University, it was found that kindness was the characteristic that most of the people wanted in there partners.


A research was conducted on around 2,700 people (College Students) from across the globe. People were asked to build (Hypothetically) their lifelong partner by buying the traits from a fixed allocated budget. The dating pattern of students (from eastern and western countries) were also compared as a part of the research.

On average people spent 22% to 26% of there total allocated budget in picking up kindness. Traits like creativity and chastity received less than 10% of the budget. Though the majority of the pick where physical attractiveness and good financial prospects kindness was stressed by many as a major trait.

The study was conducted with a goal to understand human behavior through comparison of mate preferences across the globe. Similarities in human behavior are a way to understand the complexity of the pattern that transcends cultures.


What are your favorite traits that you want in your partner? Do let us know.


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