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Be More Productive: Learn How Your Free Time Affects Your Productivity At Work

What you do after your work not only affects your sleep but also the motivation in you to go to work the next day.

Are the one who rushes back to home, busy with the thoughts of finishing all the chores that you are left with? Or are you the one who likes to relax a bit, resting on couch is your kind of way to relax?

There are people who like to live their life in a little better way, they go for a walk or head to the gym to make their body feel.

According to research, it is found that the way you spend your free time impacts not only your sleep but also your motivation at work the next day. It all started if before you know it. This research tells how to be more productive.

What’s this research?

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In the Journal of Applied Psychology, research was published in which researchers surveyed 183 full-time employees for 10 workdays. Researchers were eager to find out the relation between the after-work pastimes and at-work experiences of these employees.

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Employees were asked to report how they are feeling in the morning. Later in the afternoon, they were asked to report their proactive behaviour. Researchers were trying to find out how many of their volunteers are feeling, “self-initiated or future-oriented actions to take control of situations and create change in the workplace, such as coordinating among departments, presenting information to colleagues, designing new procedures, or helping to set targets.”

At the end of the day, all 183 employees were surveyed to see how they spend their free time after work. They were again asked to report how they were feeling. This time, researchers asked if they are getting a sense of mastery after enjoying their free time.

From the sense of mastery, researchers were meant the feeling that we get after learning a new language, playing sports or volunteering. Apart from that they also asked to rate if they were able to detach them self from the work to enjoy their evening, by reporting how relaxed they are.

Are you ready for the results?

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Results were no different, it was just what you would have imagined. All the employees who were able to do something that helps them get the feeling of mastery were more proficient at work. They reported the next day with the feeling of relaxed, motivated and excited to face the day ahead.

This is certainly the feeling that many of us were hoping to get up with.

Co-author professor Sharon Parker, from the Center for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute in Perth, Western Australia, said “Our research found that employees who engage in sporting and learning activities, such as going to the gym, exercising, volunteering and reading books, after they finish work were more likely to get a better night’s sleep and be more productive (proactive) at work the following day,” while concluding the results of the study.

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In Conclusion:

If you want to have a good night sleep and wake up all rejuvenated, filled with the positive energy to be more productive at work. It is important to do things that will help you relax after work. And not just do things that feels relaxing. Laying on the couch does seem relaxing but it will not help you sleep or work better. Instead do something active, just like going out for a walk in the park will help you fill with the positive energy.

Do yoga, start reading, go to the gym do something that makes you feel relaxed from the inside. Do something that will help you taste the dopamine.

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