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10 Things You Can Learn From This Viral Video Of Mama-Baby Bear

“Try and try and try until you succeed”. I guess this baby bear learned this phrase by heart the moment he was born.

Yeah, I am talking about the viral video which has been viewed over millions of times. The video which shows a baby bear desperately trying to climb a snow-clad mountain in order to reach its mom.
baby bear struggle mountain
And he finally does it in the end, all by himself.

The clip was filmed by a Russian man and was posted online by a member of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. It shows a mother bear who made it to the peak of a snowy mountain in the Magadan region and is waiting for her cub as it struggles to make its way up.

Me being a lazy person, even I got inspired after I watched the video. As a matter of fact, this short clip portrays many qualities that even you can learn from the baby bear. I bet you will agree when you watch the video for yourself.

Watch it here if you haven’t yet:

Things you should learn from this video :

1. Determination

Now that you have seen the video, you know that this baby bear has all the determination in the world. He is determined that he has to reach the top no matter how.

2. Consistency

The baby bear falls several times but gets up at the same instance and resumes climbing. This shows how consistent he is in terms of life altogether. You should learn it too.

3. Zeal to succeed

This little bear is full of zeal to succeed. He fails miserably and slides down multiple times, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect of his enthusiasm to reach the top. You should have the same kind of feeling towards life because its full of obstacles.

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4. Dedication

The sheer dedication with which the baby bear climbs the slopy mountainside is astonishing. And it remains unwavering, even when he fails to climb because of the sliding snow. And he doesn’t stop and doesn’t give up.

5. Strength

With a tiny body, whatever strength the baby had, he uses it to reach the top and succeeds in the end. It clearly proves that strength lies within the heart of the being and its upon them to unleash it.

6. Improvisation

When the baby bear figured out that creating a path on its own is proving to be difficult, he followed the path with which its mom climbed. And once he followed that path, eventually he reached the top as he wanted.

7. Will-power

The baby boo’s willpower is amazing. Don’t you think? He kept on trying and trying until he figured out a way to reach its mom. He didn’t lose hope and his will-power gave him the push that he will reach the top.

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8. Self- motivation

The baby bear kept motivating himself with each step and each failure because he knew his mom wouldn’t come back to pick him up. He knew she wants him to be strong and self-sufficient. And he indeed did one hell of a job of self-motivation.

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9. Never lose hope

He never lost hope and constantly kept trying to reach the treacherous mountain where its mom was. And he kept climbing with all his heart, only to succeed in the end.

10. Your success is in your hands

Just like the baby, everyone’s success is in their hands. When the baby bear knew he had to do it himself, he took the matter in his own hands and hey, he succeeded.

What about you? How many qualities do you have?

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