Guys, If Your Manager Asks You To Chop Your Beard Off, Use These Excuses!

God knows what’s the rivalry between beard and HR, beard and managers and beard and society.

As soon as that sexy mane is shaved off the face a handsome hunk, society goes crazy. For them, he becomes the epitome of decency, sweetness, professionalism and what not.

Par koi na jaane un becharo ke dil pe kya guzarti hai!

I know, you hunks have to shave off your precious facial hair, because – your HR hates it, your Operations manager will kill you if you won’t, and hey who can forget that annoying Team Lead who bugs you every other day to shave off that 1mm beard that has just grown.

Enough of the bullshit, guys. Don’t worry, for now, you have the most innovative excuses to keep that sexy black beard you have always wanted. Here they are-

1. Sir, Tirupati me 5 saal baad baal daan karne hai. Uske pehle kuch nai katwa skta!

2. My grandmother is sick and unless she gets well, I won’t get my beard shaved off!

Beard Excuses

3. Sir, allergy hai. Doctor ne bola hai beard hatai toh poorey face pe skin infection ho jayega!

Beard Excuses

4. Sir Maa ne mannat mangi hai, jab tak shadi nai hoti tab tak beard nai saf karwa sakta! Ab bhagwan jane kab hi hogi!

Beard Excuses

5. Sir maine guruji se deeksha li hai, I can’t shave off any hair from my body (including beard)!

Beard Excuses

6. Sir main ek saal me ek bar beard katwata hu, I have committed to donate my hair to an NGO!

Beard Excuses

7. Sir, my beard hides my double chin and stops people from making fun of me. Don’t ask me to shave my self-confidence!

Beard Excuses

8. Sir, I work on weekends as a part-time Santa at a gift store. I can’t afford to lose my job!

Beard Excuses

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9. I am married to a Sikh girl, If I shave it off she will leave me!

10. I have converted to Sikh religion and I can’t cut or trim my hair anymore!

Beard Excuses

11. If I shave off my beard my daughter won’t recognize me!

Beard Excuses

12. Sir my family will disown me if I shave my beard, it’s against our religion!

Beard Excuses

13. Sir if I shave my beard, people start calling me gay and I get offended!

Beard Excuses

14. I am working to get my name listed in longest beards category of Limca book of world records. Don’t demotivate me!

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15.  My beard protects me from evil spirits if I shave it I get nightmares. I might end up killing someone if they might begin again!

 16. I have a small skull, sir. My beard keeps my head balanced otherwise I fall every time anything passes by me (even wind)!

Beard Excuses

17. I am a fair guy with feminine looks Sir, if I don’t keep my beard, guys stalk me thinking that I am a girl.

Beard Excuses
So, which one of these out of the box excuses are you going to try? Do let us know which one worked for you!
*wink* Happy bearding!!

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