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Become A Better Person: Quit These 7 Habits To Have A Happy And Healthy Life

Every now and then, life hits you hard You sit down and think about the things that you are doing wrong in your life. You think about things you need to do to become a better person. Someone, who is successful and healthy.

But, all you do is think. You evaluate your past performance and think about changes that you need to make to become better. Though, you never actually make those changes.

You forget that your journey to becoming a better person starts with quitting bad habits. There are things that you know are bad for you but still, you don’t try to quit them. If you want to live happy and healthy you have to try. Though, you might be wondering, what are these bad habits that you have to quit.

To make it easy for you, here are the 7 habits that you need change to become a better person.

1. Sitting too much

become a better person Sitting-too-much

The more you sit, the lazy you become. Whether it’s your office desk or your favorite couch. Sitting too much, means you are doing less physical activity. That gives rise to the chances of you getting fat or even getting type 2 diabetes.

Make time to move your body and do some physical activities, join a gym or start doing yoga.

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2. Quit smoking

become a better person Quit-smoking

We all know that smoking causes cancer. Still, many companies offer sutta breaks and encourage the use of cigarettes. People have become addictive and I know it is easier said than done. But if you actually decide to quit smoking, you’ll live longer.

Also, no smoking means a lower risk of getting cancer, plus you will age slowly.

3. Using phone before bed

become a better person Using-phone-before-bed

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If you find it hard to sleep at night, the reason could be your bad habit of using the phone before bed. The blue light that emits from your phone can disrupt your sleep making it hard to for the brain to go to standby mode. Though you can use the light filter (night mode) to minimize the effect.

But that’s not the point, if you want to become better, you have to change this habit.

4. Too much complaining

become a better person Too-much-complaining

I know, blaming and complaining might feel relaxing and helps you to cool down. But this is not the truth. By complaining all the time you are not just ruining your mood, you are also wasting your valuable time that you could have used to finish other important tasks.

Instead of complaining, cool off and focus on the solution to the problem. Change this habit to become a better person.

5. Setting unrealistic goals

become a better person Setting-unrealistic-goals

Dreaming and setting goals is important to move ahead in life. But setting unrealistic goals such as getting those abs in one night is not actually possible. You can reach your goal only by taking one step at a time. Don’t think you can fly before you know how to run.

Set realistic goals that are easier to achieve, and keep on achieving them until you reach your ultimate goal.

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6. Comparing life with others on social media

become a better person

Social Media is a way to communicate with others and knowing what’s happening in the life of your favorite celebrities. But this has also given rise to a modern problem that millennials suffer from. Comparing your life, with the life of others is not a good thing for you.

Don’t quit social media, but always remember everything that you see social media covered with a filter that hides the reality.

7. Regular drinking

become a better person Regular-drinking

Having one or two drinks every now and then if fine, but the habit of regular drinking can be injurious to health. Regular drinking can make your body to suffer from chronic diseases such as liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Stop drinking all the time, spend time with your family and make your health and life happy.

In Conclusion:

Adopting good habits can take time, but to be a better person you have to quit all of those bad habits. Although, it won’t be that easy, just remain consistent and keep your will power strong, soon you’ll start becoming a better person.

It’s in your hands. If you want to become a better person, you CAN! 

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