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Top 17 Beer Brands In India With High Alcohol Percentage

Most beer lovers search for beer brands containing high alcohol content. Well, after tea, coffee and water the fourth most popular drink in India is beer. However, not only in India but beer is widely consumed worldwide. I think it’s better to stick to beer instead of drinks having harmful levels of alcohol percentage. But some beer lovers also are interested in increasing the alcohol content in their drinks and often switch to special types.

The amount of alcohol in any drink is defined by the alcohol percent by volume (ABV). The alcohol percentage in the beers is always preferably low, but it doesn’t mean that there is no alcohol in effect. If we talk about percent by volume, then in strong beers it is common to have about four to five percent. More alcohol than this range in any beer is considered a high amount.

Here Are The Top 17 Beer Brands In India Having High Alcohol Percentages:

1. Old Monk

Old Monk Beer - Beer Brands In India With High Alcohol Percentage

Well, you will be amazed to know that the alcohol percentage in this beer can range from 5% to 42.5%, it varies on the type of product the company is providing. Alcohol percentage in beer is denoted by ABV which various from 5-42.5 percent in this drink.

2. Godfather

Godfather Beer - Beer Brands In India With High Alcohol Percentage

This beer is especially popular in Northern India, having a pretty strong flavour and has become the top-selling beer in the country. This drink has garnered its fan base from Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan while having 8% alcohol. Godfather is the flagship creation of Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. This brewski has given tough competition to its peers for the last 25 years. It has a special long brewing cycle to offer a smooth and fresh taste.

3. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 Beer - Beer Brands In India With High Alcohol Percentage

This beer has made its place on the list of strongest beers in India by having 7% alcohol. You will get the smooth bitter aftertaste of malted barley. Percentage of alcohol in this beer is a little high then others with a strong taste.

4. Kingfisher Strong or Red

Kingfisher Red Beer - beer alcohol percentage

Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage is 8%, Kingfisher Strong is not only one of the strong flavoured but also the most popular ones in India. This drink is available even in the remotest regions of the country. Kingfisher company also provides other beer products also with varying alcohol content. kingfisher strong beer alcohol percentage can be read on all the varieties that company produces. People love the strong taste, rich flavour and pleasant aroma of Kingfisher beer aroma.

5. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Thunderbolt is among the most-sold beers in India, with alcohol percentages ranging from 5% – 8%. To be exact thunderbolt beer alcohol percentage varies as per the variant you buy. Despite being one of the strong beers it is not preferable as a mature-level drink because of its basic nature.

6. Meakins 10000

Meakins 10000 Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Owned by Mohan Meakin Ltd (MML) this drink has the same reputation as old monk among beer lovers. The average alcohol level present in the drink can vary from 5% – 8%. The maximum market share acquired by this beer is in Northern India.

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7. Tuborg Strong

Tuborg Strong Beer - Tuborg beer alcohol percentage

Tuborg has the most unique, intensely flavoured taste and a reputation for being one of India’s top-selling and most loved beers. It has a teeth-chattering flavour that will relax you very well. The Carlsberg Group’s Tuborg beer alcohol percentage is 8%. This beverage is easily recognizable with eye-catching branding and packaging. The majority of beer lovers enjoy its refreshing taste.

8. Hunter

Hunter Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Hunter is a Bangladesh-based beer brand owned by Jamuna Group. This drink is famous among the young generation with a reputation for being strong-flavored. Hunter consists of 5.5% – 7% alcohol.

9. Bro Code

Bro Code Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Bro Code is a wheat beer gaining a lot of popularity as it is the most relaxing one because of its high alcohol percentage. Every beer lover has at least tried it once in a lifetime. Bro Code Beer Alcohol Percentage is 15%, and it also has a 10% ABV variant. However, be aware Bro Code can lead you to the roadmap to drunk mishaps. Even three bottles are enough to zone out a professional alcoholic.

10. Bira Strong

Bira Strong Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

ABV is 7.1 percent in this beer, and this drink is among the latest brands in the market, creating a fast-paced fan base. Every strong beer lover will enjoy its unique taste. Brewed to have a light golden colour, the final product offers a slightly sweet and fruity taste.

11. Budweiser Magnum

Budweiser Magnum Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

This beer is a super-premium brew that’s also called the king of beers, while having a premium taste it has 6.5% alcohol.

12. Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Produced and manufactured by SINQ BEVERAGE PVT LTD, Bad Monkey is one of the strong beers marketed, with an ABV of 8.0 percent. Rohan Khare was the founder of this amazing drink. Bad Monkey is made with the world’s finest barley and hops, providing a smooth and refreshing taste. You will fall in love with this party beverage with one sip of it. The packaging of this brewski is very eye-catching, creating a unique presence in the market. Bad Monkey, with an 8.0 percent alcohol content, is one of India’s strongest beers.

13. Simba Strong

Simba Strong Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Simba Strong, founded by entrepreneur Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, is a popular beer with a strong aroma and taste. This beverage is the best high-quality beer made with the finest ingredients. Simba Strong has a high alcohol content of 8.0 percent. This beverage’s unique packaging attracts customers’ attention every time they look. You can’t miss the take of Simba Strong; it’s a must.

14. Knock Out

Knock Out Beer - Beer Brands With High Alcohol Percentage

Have you heard this line before- “Jagao Andar ka Hero, Dikhao Asli Dam”? It’s the tagline of Knock Out, one of the best selling strong beers marketed in India with an ABV or alcohol content of 8 percent. This beer is really true to its name, it really knocks you out.

15. Amsterdam Navigator

Amsterdam Navigator, a high alcohol content beer

Amsterdam Navigator is one of the strongest beers with high alcohol content in India. This beverage has 8.5 percent ABV, which can cause drunk mishaps in a few bottles. Amsterdam Navigator gets its pleasant flavour and taste from blending malt and hops. Beer lovers favour this beverage for its smooth and crunchy taste, which offers a relaxed feeling. In addition, the premium quality packaging attracts passing beer lovers like a Maneki-Neko, a fortune symbol placed inside shops to attract customers.

16. Carlsberg Elephant

Calsberg Elephant Beer With high alcohol percentage

When a beer enthusiast talks about his favourite drink, Carlsberg Elephant is a must to mention. It is one of the strongest beers in India, with a high alcohol percentage or ABV of 7%. This Danish drink has an eye-catching golden colour, intense aroma, and bitter aftertaste. Carlsberg Elephant is a treasure among intense beer lovers.

17. BeeYoung

BeeYoung Beer With high alcohol content

A new brand in the Indian market that has gained a remarkable presence and popularity among youngsters is BeeYoung, all due to its high alcohol content or ABV of 8 percent. It is loved for its strong taste and Belgian-style flavour, perfect for beer enthusiasts.

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