Why Should You Get Yourself a Health Insurance: Benefits

Medical assistance is one of those needs which comes unannounced like a blow in the face and does not give you any time to prepare at the moment. So, you must be prepared for it all the time and health insurance offers you the right chance to do it.

But there are more reasons to get Health Insurance for yourself and your family and we should discuss them in detail in this article. If you are still in the middle of taking the decision of buying health insurance, then make sure to read this article until the end.

1. Hospitalisation Expenses

Hospitalisation Expenses
Hospitalisation Expenses

Hospitalisation expense is the most basic benefit of a health insurance and without this, we can not say if an insurance is complete. A satisfactory health insurance covers expenses like room rent, ICU, investigations, surgery, doctor consultations etc due to illnesses and injuries.

2. Tax Savings

Tax Savings
Tax Savings

Did I mention that you can save tax with the help of health insurance? Yes, you can do some major tax saving by investing in a health insurance that does not pretend to care for you but actually wants to walk an extra mile for you.

There is a health insurance that can offer you Tax Savings up to ₹ 75000, click here to know which one.

3. Mental Healthcare

Mental Healthcare
Mental Healthcare

Although a big taboo in India, mental health is super important and a good health insurance understands that. It understands that mental health is as important as physical illness so it covers its expenses for the patient.

4. Pre & Post Hospitalisation

Pre & Post Hospitalisation
Pre Post Hospitalisation

There are expenses when you are hospitalised but we often forget the pre and post hospitalisation expenses. An adequate health insurance would cover your expenses for around 60 days before the date of admission and 180 days after you are out of it.

5. Day Care Treatments

Day Care Treatments
Day Care Treatments

Not only the hospitalisation expenses, an acceptable health insurance would cover treatments that happen in less than 24 hours of time. It can include certain surgeries and more to help you stay relaxed in any kind of situation.

6. Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare
Home Healthcare

Sometimes when we can’t go to a healthcare facility, we have to bring it to us. An up to the mark health insurance should cover that as well so that you can bring medically necessary treatment of Illnesses at home in case a medical practitioner prescribes it.

7. Organ Donor Expenses

Organ Donor Expenses
Organ Donor Expenses

A lot of pure hearted people out there make multiple donations but the ultimate donation is of a body part which costs them lakhs of rupees. A thoughtful health insurance provider would cover the expense of donating organs that includes medical and surgical expenses.

8. Preventive Health Check-Up

Preventive Health Check-Up
Preventive Health Check Up

If you think a fine insurance covers all the major problems, then you are wrong. A health insurance that cares for you also covers any kind of preventive health check-ups too. It means even if you are not sick and you just want to get your health checked for precautionary reasons, then too your insurance should be there for you.


We have discussed some of the major features of a quality health insurance and you should not take one that is offering anything less than this. In fact, you should check out the link given in this article to find an option that not only offers everything mentioned above but also so much more important features.

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