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Here Is How Running Every Day Can Help You Take Good Care Of Your Oral Health

Your oral health does not only concern your mouth, but it also affects other body parts. As a kid, everyone learns about oral health and how to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

Regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are the most common practices used by people to make sure they don’t have any gum problem. But do you know there are many other cool ways to maintain your oral hygiene?

Running can help you keep all the bad bacterias out of your mouth as it is one of the benefits of running. Also, it will help you keep good oral health as well. This means you don’t have to go to your dentist if you go on a morning run every day. Benefits of running will help you to dodge the dentist.

How running can help you

Benefits of running oral health

According to a study done on 160 people in Thailand, it was found that individuals who are overweight (obese) are at higher risk of getting an oral disease. The study was also published in the Journal of Oral Health and it considered people with a body mass index of 23 or higher as overweight.

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Though, the study suggests that obese people (people with a mass index of 25) are six times more likely to get periodontitis. For those who don’t know, it is a severe infection that can degrade gums and even damage the jawbone.

Overweight and oral health

Benefits of running oral health

People who are overweight don’t just have extra fat on their body but the leukocyte (white blood cell) count is also higher in them. These white blood cells hint that the body’s immune system is active to fight against any infection. Though the distress signal is fake.

Fat stored inside your body releases chemical and hormones. The signal hints a distress signal, to which the body reacts in its normal way. It ends up activating the immune system that works in form of inflammation.

In reality, this inflammation reaction (caused by your body’s immune system) is how your body should react to trauma. But in the case of obese people, excessive fat stored in their body keeps on releasing the stress signal. In turn, your body responds with more inflammation.

As a result, it keeps the immune system of obese people active all the time ultimately decreasing their ability. Not just this but continuous inflammation can also cause heart diseases, cancer, dementia, diabetes, and oral diseases as well.

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This is why you should pay attention to your oral health

Benefits of running oral health

According to another study published on, people who are suffering from diabetes and Alzheimer’s (both are linked to the inflammation) have more chances of getting oral diseases as well.

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The interesting thing is that it works both ways. Which means poor oral health can give rise to the risk of other body diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.

In Conclusion:

Knowing the fact that oral hygiene can also cause other body diseases, it will be better if you start taking good care of your oral health and that excessive fat. Obesity is already linked with several severe diseases and knowing that it can cause oral disease as well.

And now you know the benefits of running. So, it will be better if you start going on a morning run.

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