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Live Longer And Live Happy, With These 10 Cool Benefits Of Walking

Walking is something that comes as a pre-installed feature in your body. No matter how high you are, if you can stand up, your feet will know how to take you back home.

Now, some of you might not like to walk much, because it’s so boring. But then, there are many who love to go on a walk at any given time.

No matter you belong to the first or the second category, you should know about these 10 benefits of walking.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

benefits of walking

Walking is an exercise. Just like running and doing other weight lifting exercise, walking also helps in burning calories. The best part it doesn’t matter how fast you walk as only the distance matters. People who opt for walking every day tend to gain less weight than the people who absolutely hate walking and are wishing for automated future to come soon.

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2. It saves your brain

benefits of walking

A neurology study was carried out at the University of California, San Francisco. The research was done on 6,000 women of age 65 and older. They tracked their physical activities for several years. Results concluded that the people who walk more often have the ability to retain older memories for a long time.

3. Walking strengthens bones and muscles

benefits of walking

Just as mentioned before, walking is also an exercise. While walking you move all your body, from your abdominal to your arms and neck. All those steps help to strengthen bone and tone those leg muscles. Walking also works on your abdominal, and the moving motion of your arms also help to work on those flappy arm muscles.

4. You’ll live longer

benefits of walking

There are several studies on the internet that links the regular walking with a longer life. As walking helps your body to keep the risk of cardiovascular diseases at a minimum. You don’t have to cover miles. A study done by the American Cancer Society suggests that even a small distance covered walking can help you to live longer.

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5. Get rid of joint pain

benefits of walking

By walking your are exercising your body and most importantly you are exercising your bones and joints. With growing age, all your joints and bones become stiff, which can cause pain. Walking lubricates and strengthens all those bone and joint muscles. So, they can’t get stiff and cause pain.

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6. Mood booster

benefits of walking

Walking releases endorphins, a chemical that triggers that feeling of positivity in our body. And makes you feel more energetic. The more energetic you get, the happier you’ll feel. That’s why many people go on a regular morning walk. You can also try it to improve your mood.

7. Get better sleep

benefits of walking

Just like all other exercises, walking stretches and relaxes all the muscles of your body. And you know what happens when you feel relaxed, you get a good night sleep. So, if you are having a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights, try walking in the daytime. It’ll help you fall asleep at night.

8. Reduced risk of cancer

benefits of walking

According to the study of American Cancer Society, women who walk for 7 hours in a week have 14% less chance of getting affected by breast cancer. Knowing the other benefits of walking, 7 hours/week is not an impossible number to cover. Use these benefits of walking, start going on daily morning or evening walks.

9. Keeps heart attack at bay

benefits of walking

We have already mentioned walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But it also helps in lowering the blood pressure, strengthening your heart. To keep the risk of stroke and heart diseases at bay. opt for walking. It is the easiest way to make sure that your body won’t get cancer.

10. It can reduce your risk of diabetes

benefits of walking

Walking can reduce the chance of type 2 diabetes by 30%. Not just this but it can also help the people who are already diagnosed with the disease by making it less severe. Just a 30 minutes walk can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30%.

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In Conclusion:

Sometimes things that we don’t pay much attention to are the best solution for our problem. People are looking for different types of exercise and diet plans to get fit and get healthy. Although, most of them are unable to follow the strict routine that they think they can.

Lucking with the help of these benefits of walking, now, you can work on getting fit!
Happy walking to you!

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