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11 Benefits Of Worshiping Lord Shiva Which Will Turn Your Life Upside Down

Everyone is busy planning the puja and rituals that will be specially performed on the auspicious day of Shivratri. But it’s not just about Shivratri. There are a lot of benefits to worshiping Lord Shiva on a daily basis.

Everyone knows that Lord Shiva is the deity who holds power, courage, and anger in exquisite amounts that is revered by all living beings. However, most of you might not know the numerous benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva. So, here are 11 such benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva that you will relate to if you already pray to this mighty God of destruction-

1. Mental and Spiritual Well-Being

Mental and Spiritual Well-Being - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Everyone knows that he is the God of nirvana. If you want to achieve mental and spiritual well being, all you need to do is pray to him and worship him with a true heart. Not only will you gain mental peace but it will also enhance your chakras for better spiritual health.

2. Gain All Wisdom and Knowledge

2. Gain All Wisdom and Knowledge - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the God of wisdom. He is one of the three gods who rule the universe. Though he is known as a god of destruction, he posses all the knowledge this universe has to offer. When you worship him, you will be bestowed upon with immense knowledge that will change your perspective towards life.

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3. No Fear of Untimely Death

No Fear of Untimely Death - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

For ages, people have been propagating that there won’t be untimely death if you worship the god of destruction regularly. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva as he shields you from untimely destruction by taking you under his protection.

4. You Can Easily Please Lord Shiva

You Can Easily Please Lord Shiva - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Though he is a fierce warrior and a fearsome deity when angry, he is one of the gods who gets pleased very easily. You don’t need to plan a whole lot of things in order to worship him. You can just sit and meditate ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and he will for sure hear you and your prayers.

5. Long and Happy Marital Life

Long and Happy Marital Life - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is a family man. He has been portrayed as the ideal man and everyone wants to incorporate his traits or want someone like him to be a part of the family. Naturally, when you worship him, he will shower his blessings and ensure that you have a great martial life.

6. Being Patient

Being Patient - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Yes, Lord Shiva does terrible things when he is angry and even gods fear to make him lose his temper. But, he is also one of the gods who loses his patience after a long period of time. Being patent is one of the benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva as he will impart you along with the power of holding your anger back.

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7. Losing Temper When Required

Losing Temper When Required - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Having said that, Lors Shiva doesn’t deal with bullshit. He knows when to lose temper and set things back to normal. The same will happen with you when you dive deep in worshipping this immensely powerful god of gods. In short, you will own your anger in the right way.

8. Eliminate Negativity

Eliminate Negativity - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Today, most of you aren’t able to succeed in life because your life is full of negativity. Worshipping Lord Shiva will help you eliminate all kinds of negativity from your life. Be it mental or physical, he will guide you towards a positive life.

9. Regain Inner Strength and Confidence

Regain Inner Strength and Confidence - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

If you think that you are missing out on your inner strength and don’t feel confident about yourself, take shelter in worshiping Lord Shiva. He will guide you to regain your lost confidence and, make you stronger than ever from within.

10. Not Getting Affected By Puny Things

Not Getting Affected By Puny Things - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the almighty and all powerful. He doesn’t get affected by little things. Just like him, the people who worship him are blessed with the same level of calmness. Unless it’s a major thing that really affects your life, you won’t get bothered by little issues. This will make you less stressed.

11. Your Pets Will Have A Longer Life

Your Pets Will Have A Longer Life - Worshipping of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is also known as Pashupatinath. He is famous for having all kinds of creatures under his wing and it extends to your pets too. Pray to him and he will grant a healthy and long life for your pets as well. He loves animals, apparently all kinds.

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In Conclusion:

The benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva comes along with several other things. Worshiping him will transform you into a better person and make people respect and fear you at the same time. His charismatic aura will extend to you and make sure that you follow the path of righteousness making your anger and patience as weapons.

Also, worshiping him will make you more logical and reasonable while dealing with day to day things. You will realize that offering prayers to the god of destruction offer you everything but destruction. You will have a better and happier life.

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