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Drunk Driver From Bengaluru Drives Off In A Car Without Front Wheels

Have you seen the animated movie ‘Cars’?  If yes, you must have seen the part where a car drives off without wheels.

There are sparks flying off from the rear end, leaving a massive cloud of dust behind. But what if I tell you, that ain’t a cartoon scene anymore?

Something of the same sort was witnessed by a couple, who were out for a drive on the streets of Bengaluru. They saw a speeding car cross them and noticed something was odd.

Where did it happen?

The incident took place on the roads of Laggere and Sumanahalli in the city.

The couple who was driving by noticed how dangerously the car was being driven and thought to follow so that, they could bring it to stop.

Drunk Driver Bengaluru

The car was literally putting the lives of people around in danger.

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Drunk Driver Bengaluru

And it wasn’t long before they noticed that the front wheel of the car had fallen off.

Drunk Driver Bengaluru

Soon, they saw sparks coming from the rear end of the white colored sedan.

Drunk Driver Bengaluru

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This confirmed that whoever was driving, wasn’t in a sound state of mind. But, it wasn’t that easy for them to intercept the speeding car.

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Drunk Driver Bengaluru

A few motorcyclists joined in and after a tiring chase of about 4 km, the car was finally stopped. The drunk driver was thrashed by the locals and police was informed about it.

Watch the whole chase here:

Who was the drunk driver?

The driver who was drunk AF got identified as one Lokesh from Hassan. He was arrested by Kamakshipalya traffic police who quickly arrived at the spot and took him into custody. Though, the driver wasn’t even in a state to be questioned. The police said that they will grill him later, as soon as he regains his senses.

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In Conclusion:

This isn’t the first time authorities have caught a drunk driver. Every day several drivers drink and drive but the point is, they need to understand that they don’t just risk their lives, they endanger everyone around them as well.

And no one has the right to risk the lives of others on the cost of their own enjoyment!

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