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10 Best Android Games You Should Try This July

Back then, there was a time when you needed a gaming console or a high-end PC to play cool video games. Thankfully, the time has changed. We are in 2019, the era of technology. And our smartphones are certainly the best tech that we all like to use.

Not just for work stuff but these smartphones are also entertainment devices. From watching movies to playing cool video games, you can do it all on your smartphone.

There is a huge collection of video games available in play store of your smartphone. Though, finding a really nice title is certainly not that easy as some of those games are just boring. Fret not, here is the list we have prepared which are the best android games that you can play this July.

1. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Starting with a racing game because speed is a thrill. Real Racing 3 is probably the game you have already heard of, recreating some of the most amazing cars and tracks from all around the world. Real Racing 3 is a what its name suggests, with a number of events to follow, multiplayer option and huge customization, this is definitely a game you should try if you haven’t already.

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2. City Fighter vs Street Gang

City Fighter vs Street Gang

This one is an action game about a crime-fighting hero (you) who is beating down all the street gang because they stole their orange juice. The story is weird but the game play makes sense if you love playing fighting games. It has a number of characters and levels that you unlock as you move ahead to beat the gang on the next street. Also, it has got bosses at the end of each level.

3. Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

An FPS (First Person Shooter) Into The Dead 2 is the second game of this series, with the same name. It is a cool zombie killing game with a definitely interesting story. You are away from your family alone (though you’ll find a dog later in the story) and to get back to them you have to race through maps covered with zombies. This game features some of the cool weapons that you can pick up during your run.

4. Pac-Man


Re-live your childhood and create a new high score in the famous Pac-Man. Pac-Man is a classic arcade game that is now available for your android smartphone. More than 40 years and the game is still helping its creators to make money. The game has got the same format where you have to collect all the cherries before the ghosts can catch you. It is just same as the old one but with some added levels.

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5. Oddmar


Concluding the story of a Viking in an action-adventure category, Oddmar is certainly one of the best android games. Offering a console-quality with brilliant graphics, sound, script, and gameplay, this is the one you should definitely try. It got 24 beautiful levels that you can play through, to know the story of Oddmar a Viking from the village of Valhalla.

6. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

An open-world game with the battle royal theme is we now know as PUBG. Jump from the plane along with 99 other players, land on your favourite map, search for weapons and armors scattered throughout the map. Find the opponent and just kill, kill, kill. The last one standing will be the winner. It’s a multiplayer game that you can even play with your friends in a squad of 4 or a group of 2.

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7. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

An endless runner, Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first try to get into mobile devices. It’s a classic title to please the Mario fans, but with a twist. The game is quite different from all the other Mario titles that you may have played in the past. But you’ll see all the references that make it a Mario game. The game is good to play during your commute to work. As it is an endless runner game that can help you pass your free time.

8. Ava Airborne


A casual game that will look just like your dream of flying. Though you’ll be flying with Ava, who believes she can fly. Explore the beautiful skyline with the help of different types of gliders that you can unlock through your journey. But be careful, the sky is filled with different types of explosions, keep your distance from all the explosions. It’s in an endless runner type game, except you don’t run but fly.

9. 4 Digit Code

4 Digit Code

It’s an escape puzzle game. You have to guess the 4 digit code to unlock the door, that will take you to the next level. In each level, there will be a puzzle spread across the room. Look for clues and guess the code. For the people who love to play puzzles, it’s definitely a treat.

10. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It’s a Role Playing Game for the fans of Harry Potter. Interact with the real world and discover new spells, move between stops, and protect the wizard world from potential catastrophe. This game might remind you of the Pokemon-Go and if you enjoyed that. It’s safe to say that you’ll love Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as well. Its real-world interaction helped this game to become one of the best android game.

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In Conclusion:

This is our list of best android games that you can play this July. Pick any title and start playing. Do remember to tell us, which one you like the most.

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