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Stinky Breath? Here Are 16 Best Bad Breath Home Remedies For You

Everyone wants to smell fresh. Not just the body, but mouth as well.

Which is why there are thousands of products in the market, to make you smell minty fresh from inside out.

But, why does your breath smell bad?

Bad Breath Home Remedies

For starters, you all know that bad breath occurs because you don’t keep a check on your oral hygiene. If you have the habit of not brushing your teeth at least twice a day and you prefer eating anything and everything you can get your hands on, you will suffer from bad breath, my friend.

Though, it might be the case that you don’t know it yet. Most of the people who suffer from this problem, don’t know that they do. So, the first thing you should do is check your breath. Just lick your wrist and wait for a second before smelling it. That’s how your breath smells to others.

Now, if you find out that indeed you are suffering from a bad breath problem, don’t feel disheartened.

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Before you try the ‘n’ number of chemicals products available in the market, you should take shelter within the bad breath home remedies that work much better than the cliched ones. Here are the best bad breath home remedies for you-

1. Salt water works like magic

bad breath home remedies

Salt water is slightly acidic in nature, which prevents the microbe buildup in your mouth that causes your bad breath. It also prevents your mouth from the build-up of infectious bacterias.

2. Cinnamon can be your savior

bad breath home remedies

In many studies, it is found that cinnamon can fight many bacteria’s that can cause oral infection. It also offers the anti-microbial function that is considered as one of the best bad breath home remedies.

3. Go parsley

bad breath home remedies

It has a fresh scent and high chlorophyll content that are considered too good for limiting the unpleasant smell. You just chew on some parsley leaves after your dinner and forget that you’ll have bad breath.

4. Pineapple juice always works

bad breath home remedies

Your disturbed digestive system can sometimes cause you to have bad breath. In that case, pineapple is the best choice you have, as it contains digestive enzymes that can fix your bad breath.

5. Yogurt helps

bad breath home remedies

Lactobacillus is a healthy bacteria that is present in yogurt, it helps to fight the bad bacteria’s inside your tummy and helps you to get free from the bad breath. To make sure you don’t have bad breath, eat at least one serving every day.

6. Drink milk

bad breath home remedies

Probably you already knew about this, but if you haven’t, drinking milk is considered as one of the best ways to remove strong smells like that of garlic and onion. Either drink milk with your meal or after it and you won’t have to worry about the bad smell.

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7. Fennel seeds

bad breath home remedies

Since the ancient times, fennel seeds are used as the mouth freshener, even in India people used to eat fennel seeds to get rid of their after-dinner breath. It is a tradition and now you know why.

8. Zinc-rich diet

bad breath home remedies

Zinc is one of the most important trace element that is used by more than 300 cells to perform various functions. It also limits the growth of volatile compound substances (VCS’s) that causes you to have bad breath.

9. An apple a day

bad breath home remedies

In a study, it was found that a raw apple gets easily fix your bad garlic-like breath. There is a certain compound in apples that offers its ability to neutralize the stinky bad breath. And also it is good for your health.

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10. Green tea is your best friend

bad breath home remedies

A cup of green tea is just as good as a mint that you carry in your pocket to get rid of the foul smell of your mouth. The only difference is that green tea is far more beneficial than a pack of mint gum.

11. Homemade mouth wash

bad breath home remedies

There couldn’t have been an easier option than this simple homemade mouthwash. As you only need baking soda and water, this is the simplest of bad breath home remedies. And it works wonders.

12. Vinegar mouthwash

bad breath home remedies

Bacteria’s don’t like the acidic environment, that’s why when you use a vinegar mouth wash that naturally contains acidic acid, you make sure you don’t have bad breath on your date night.

13. Brush your tongue

bad breath home remedies

Usually when you don’t brush your teeth along with your teeth, bacteria’s move from your teeth to your tongue and start to grow there. By brushing your tongue you make sure these bacteria’s will get eliminated from the inside of your mouth.

14. Don’t stress

bad breath home remedies

Yes, stress can cause your bad breath. Many studies have proved that increased stress can cause body odor, this goes with your mouth as well. So, take a chill pill and don’t stress much.

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15. Essential oils

bad breath home remedies

All the essential oils such as peppermint oil or lemongrass oil contain antimicrobial properties. They protect friendly bacteria but eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth.

16. Drink lots of water

Saliva plays a very important role in keeping your mouth clean. If you usually have a dry mouth, drinking lots of water can treat your problem. Keep your mouth hydrated and you will not suffer from bad breath.

In Conclusion:

Bad breath is a result of poor oral hygiene and if you really want your crush to kiss you, you need to make sure you stay miles away from stinky garlicy breath. Now that you know the easiest and best bad breath home remedies, make sure to try them as well.

I mean, you do want that kiss, right?

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