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Not Another Cliched List Of The Best 25 Motivational Movies

Trying to find the spark that everyone has but you don’t? Yup, I am talking about the spark that makes you feel, ‘let’s do it’.

Don’t worry it’s not that hard. Finding the missing spark, the inspiration that will motivate you to do more and do better is not that rocket science.

You can try meditation, or take some self-help classes but I believe the best way to get motivated is from hearing a motivational story. So, here is my take on the list of best motivational movies that will definitely make you feel pumped.


Best Motivational Movies

No matter if you are a sportsman or not, you’ll always get pumped after seeing a good sports movie. Cinderella Man is one of those movies and let me tell you- the stakes are very high.


Best Motivational Movies

A guy living a life of a man who is completely devoted to his work, of developing photos of other people’s adventure. But to end his current project, he has to go on an adventure. The movie portrays the adventure of Walter Mitty and his beautiful imagination.


Best Motivational Movies

If you want to see something more serious watch this. The movie is about Christy Brown a man who is quadriplegic and can only use his left foot. Doctor’s have already declared he is a lost cause. But Christy is determined and brave. Only by using his left foot he becomes a painter, an author, and a poet.


Best Motivational Movies

You must have already watched it quite a few times, if not then go and watch right now. The movie will teach you about life and struggle. Also, it reveals how to beat life, in a boxers way.


Best Motivational Movies

If you like to watch musicals, you should definitely see this one. The story is about a child named Barnum who has some big aspirations and imagination for the future. The story is pretty motivating.


Best Motivational Movies

If you are starting a new phase of your life, your college life, you should watch this. It is a pretty simple story portraying high school seniors gearing up for college. The movie will inspire you to live your 18-year-old life, in a way you’ll feel proud of.


Best Motivational Movies

Portraying the aspiring story of rapper Eminem and his life, when he entered hip-hop world and, was the only white rapper at that time. The movie will teach you to do what you love, just believe in yourself.

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Best Motivational Movies

The biopic captures Hawking’s young life when it was easy for him to communicate his brilliant discoveries with the world. Also, how he fights the physical constraints of his motor neuron disease.


Best Motivational Movies
The movie is more than just a prison life story, it’s about hope. It teaches persistence and perseverance are keys to success. Starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, this movie will make you re-think about your life and this one is a must watch.


Best Motivational Movies

The story is about a guy named Homer Hickam played by Jake Gyllenhaal. His parents work in a coal mine in West Virginia but the boy breaks his expected path and finds a new passion for rocketry. With the help of his teacher, they launch their first rocket to a real start. And hey, this is a real story.


Best Motivational Movies

Dreams shatter when Elizabeth Gilbert gets divorced. She ventures on a journey after portraying some indulging self-discoveries. If you want to know the better meaning of life, you should watch it.


Best Motivational Movies

Another real story of a single mother who becomes a legal assistant. She takes down a company who’s polluting the water delivered to the state. If you think a woman can’t do it all, watch Erin Brockovich.


Best Motivational Movies

The story about a guy named Jamal Malik, an orphan, a rag picker who becomes a millionaire in one night. The story takes you through his journey and its every bit interesting.


Best motivational movies

Starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan, it is a continuation of the Rocky series. This is a boxing movie that will teach you how to get down and get up when life punches you to the ground.

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Best Motivational Movies

In a fatal car accident, a boxer, Vinny Pazienza suffers from a severe neck injury that leaves his almost paralyzed. He was about to become a Work Boxing Champion but now, he can’t even bath on his own. However, with his determination, Vinny stepped once again in the ring and wins the title.


Best motivational movies

For those who always underestimate themselves, thinking they are not good enough, this movie is for you. It’s is an animated movie with many famous singers voicing different characters of the movie.


Best Motivational Movies

A male version of Eat Pray Love, starring Simon Pegg- a bored psychiatrist who travels the world for discovering the meaning of life.


Best Motivational Movies

There is nothing more motivating than a story portraying real-life struggles of crossing the paths of misery to find happiness. This movie will not only motivate you but it will also make you cry. For sure.


Best Motivational Movies

Revolving around the story of Todd Anderson, a school student who is inspired by his new assigned teachers to question things in life. And not take things as they are. This movie portrays the message to find your own path instead of just following others.


Best Motivational Movies

Portraying the story of two strangers, who are sharing the same hospital room as they were diagnosed with terminal cancer. One is a corporate billionaire and the other one is a mechanic. Both are quite old. One day they decide to escape their ward and to complete their bucket list.


Best Motivational Movies

“Great men are not born great, they grow great.” This is a quote from the movie. It is a classic that will teach you many good things about life, especially royalty. One of the epic movies of all times.


Best Motivational Movies

Okay, this might be not a serious movie but it is perfect motivational material. Telling us the story of Dewey Finn, an amateur rock enthusiast, who knows exactly how to make his students unleash their own music, helps them listen to their souls.


Best Motivational Movies

Teaching us how important it is to get back on our feet every time when life gets us down., this movie will motivate you to continue your passion. Even if seems impossible.


Best Motivational Movies

Based on the real life of Donal Trumbo and when he was blacklisted from Hollywood as a screenwriter. He was accused of using his scripts as a communist propaganda. If you are a writer you need to watch it, seriously.


Best Motivational Movies

Dr. Ryan Stone, an engineer on her first time on a space mission, unfortunately, faces some serious problems when she gets stuck alone in the space. Teaching you to never give up is the main motive of this move.

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In Conclusion:

That’s it, this is our pick on the best motivational movies that you should start watching. If you have missed even one from this list, just watch it. Trust me, you will feel much motivated and inspired.

So, go, grab some popcorn and oh, also some tissues. You will need them both. 

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