Parenting Tips: 5 Proven Ways to Have your Kids Get Things Done

Kids are the trickiest people of all. They are tiny, stubborn, honest and untrained. To help you and your kids into the process where they listen to you while you do not disrespect them, I am sharing 5 parenting tips that you can follow. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg and you can explore more either on the internet or leave your queries in the comment section below for me to do the research and get the answers for you.

Parenting Tips: 5 Proven Ways to Have your Kids Get Things Done

Meanwhile, go through these 5 tips which will help you build an understanding relationship with your toddler.

1. Discussions on Behaviour

The one thing that you need to understand is that your kids are just like adults. They might take time to understand what you say and show an appropriate response to it, but they will understand everything eventually. When you find that your kid gets involved in non-appreciative behaviour, discuss it with them. For example, if your kids get angry when you ask to leave the park, discuss how you can help the kid overcome anger or release it in the right way.

2. Activity Countdown

If you want your kids to leave the park or do anything specific like going to bed without a fuss, create a countdown routine for them. For example, ask them about the 3 things they would like to do before they leave for home from the park. Or, if it is about bedtime, then create a routine like brushing, showering, cloth change, reading a book and then going to sleep. It helps your kids to ease into the final act.

3. A Transition Purpose

When you want your kid to do something that they would rather not do, excite them about something that follows after they do the painful act like leaving for school or home from the park. If it is the park, you can take a picture of them and interest them to show it to the family members.

4. Give them a Choice

When you want your kids to do something and they are in constant rejection, you can play with your words like this: If you want them to brush their teeth, then ask them if they would like to brush their teeth now or after 5 minutes. It will ensure that they brush their teeth but it would seem like they are doing it on their own terms.

5. Use your Words

Whenever your kid is throwing tantrums or crying out loud, do not give in to it. Instead, ask them to use their words to describe what they want or what is bothering them. When they use their words, it gives you the room to share your opinion on the matter and resolve whatever is bothering them.


In this article, we learnt about the 5 parenting tips which are proven ways to have your children do what you want them to do while you can help them through the process in the best way possible. I hope this was helpful to you and you were able to build a healthier relationship with your children while easing their growing-up phase.

Please share this article with people who are parents or are about to become one. Also, leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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