Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

India has a plethora of options for the Best Places to Celebrate Christmas, all that you have to do is find it. I am sure you came here while finding the answer to the same question and I would like to send you back with at least the faintest idea of where you would like to celebrate your Christmas.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

India is a diverse country with colourful terrains, cultures, and cuisines, so how can we not find the best Christmas celebration in the world in our country? Although the definition of best is different for everybody which is why I will be describing the kind of Christmas first, that you can cherish in India. After that, I will give you suggestions of the places you can find such entertainment.

1. Beaches

Ditch the white snow to go for sand this year and celebrate one of the most important festivals, Christmas by the beaches. You will find outdoor parties by the playful sea waves which will be full of music, drinks, seafood, dope people, and so much fun. If you want your Christmas to be on the same line then you should check out the places mentioned below to hit this festival.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Places: Goa, Pondicherry, Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Daman and Diu

2. Clubs

Are you someone who likes to get drunk and dance the night away encapsulated in electrifying music? If yes, then I am sure the club is your thing. If you want to spend your Christmas in some badass clubs, then you should check the metropolitan cities in India. To get started with your hunt, you can check out the following cities where there are a plethora of clubs.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Places: Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi

3. Churches

Christmas is the festival of Jesus and Mother Mary, and if you would like to keep the tone of your Christmas godly, then I suggest you hit churches, say your prayers, sing corals, attend masses and do other religious acts. To get indulged in these peaceful things, you need to go to churches where Christmas is celebrated in the highest spirits. Check out these states and cities with the best churches in the country for your Christmas vacation.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Places: Goa, Shimla, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, Pondicherry, Madurai

4. Hill Stations

Not everybody is a booze person whereas not everybody is a religious person, some are just wanderers. If you are also a wanderer who would like to utilise the Christmas holiday for a good cause, then I suggest you pick a hill station, take your buddies with you and spend a tranquil vacation in beautiful-looking places. You can pick one of the below-mentioned places to have a bang.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Places: Shillong, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh

5. Snow Stations

If you want to go real, then go to someplace snowy so that you can actually feel what real Christmas looks like. Go to a place where there is fresh snow and people celebrate this festival exactly like the foreign countries. You can find Christmas trees covered in snow while the entire city is covered under a clean blanket of fresh snow. Check these places out where Christmas is celebrated with a blast.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Places: Manali, Shimla, Lansdowne, Sikkim, Gulmarg


In this article, we learnt about the best places to celebrate Christmas in India that you should definitely explore. I tried giving my perspective on the way we like to celebrate our festival and I am sure it helped you to find out your best city to celebrate Christmas this year.

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