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When Rappers Came Straight At Love And Gave Us The Real Meaning Of It

Love is beautiful. Love is magical. And everything unreal that they portray in movies and various music formats.

But rap music and rappers have always been true.

So whether, we are talking money, drugs or other pleasures of life, they never shy away from revealing the real truth behind who we actually are deep down and what do we want.

Of all the criticism that this music receives, we still follow and dance to the beats while roaring lyrics at the top of our voice.

One thing that we can never deny, rapper’s delight lies with true lyricism even when it comes to love.

With no phony entertainment and dreamy visualizations, here are some of the best and realistic love quotes that take us on a ride of the real deal that love is.

It is a beautiful emotion mixed with throat slicing feelings. Or something else? You are a better judge than us.


love music

This pre-chorus from the song ‘All TheStars‘ of ‘Kendrick Lamar‘ talks about the insecurities associated with love.

Don’t you always want to give-in completely in a true relationship? And then at the same time have fear of whether the other person will do the same for you or not? Or what if that person leaves.


love music

This is a verse from ‘Space Bound‘ by ‘Eminem‘.

When you get hurt in the love game, you form a wall around your emotions and don’t really let anyone break that so easily. Because you don’t want anyone else near your heart to break it again.


love music

Drake raps about all the sins we do in love in the song ‘Take Care‘.

He says that I have heard from various people that you have been cheating on me. But it is OK as you did it for fun with no serious intentions of screwing me up. Which is why I still feel the same for you, thus there is no need for you to feel ashamed.


love music

This is a verse from the song ‘Passionfruit‘ by ‘Drake‘.

It means this long distance relationship isn’t really working out for us. We should rule out the long-term plan for now as I have already started losing feelings for you.


love music

This is a verse from the song ‘Say Something‘.

Drake is trying to portray that he has done everything he could for love and only imagined the future life with her. Though, in spite of doing all of this, she still wasn’t satisfied.


love music

This is a verse by Tyga from song ‘Deuces‘.

He says that when we were in love it was the best emotion for both of us. And you lied about that true love as you aren’t even replying to me anymore.


love music

Eminem in the song ‘Space Bound‘ is trying to say that if you play with my emotions you are going to face wrath from me. As I have gone through that before and I won’t tolerate it again.


love music

Kendrick Lamar in his song ‘Memories Back Then‘ is trying to explain how women falls for money and all the fancy and phony things. They only talk to people who are rich and he know she is dating one right now.


love music

You Don’t Own Me‘ is a track by G Eazy about how women becomes an object to show off for men. So, she is telling her man to stop driving her as per his feelings. Also to stop showing her off and treat her more like a partner.


love music

G Eazy in his song ‘I Mean It‘ is doubting the girlfriend of his opponent that you may feel awesome about you as you are dating a really hot girl. But you are engaged to her and he sees her so many times without the ring on her finger. Does he really think she is loyal?


love music

Big Sean in his song ‘I don’t give a’ is simply trying to convey a message to her Ex, that if she thinks he will be thinking about her right now, then she is certainly wrong.


love music

Drake‘s one of the successful track ‘Hotline Bling‘. He is saying that how after he left from the city, she has become a spoilt kid and now all she do is things that prove she is ‘good girl, gone bad’.


love music

50 Cent in his song ‘21 Questions‘ is asking his girlfriend that since everything is pretty right now, you are happily loving me with all your heart. But what if he loses it tomorrow? Would she still be there to support him or just leave.

So, the next time you feel low because of love, just pick up any of these songs and let the rappers tell you what exactly it is that comes with, ‘LOVE’.
Don’t forget to let us know which one is your fav.


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