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The Easiest Guide To Find The Best Sunglasses For Men (According To Face Shape)

I would definitely look like a hero wearing those Rayban’s. I would, really.

But unfortunately, I can’t. Because I can’t take off my spectacles and replace them with a tinted sunglass.

I know choosing sunglass is not that easy. In fact, it is one of those fashion accessories that you have to try before buying. To find the right pair and right style, first, you need to know your face type and then chose the style that will compliment your face.

I know this sounds a little complex, so in order to help you here is our guide on how to chose the best sunglasses for men-

1. Round Face

best sunglasses for men

Same width and almost the same length. If you are born with a round face, you some really good options you can get your hands on. You can go with a wayfarer, cat eye or a  square or wrap. Even the rectangle shape of sunglasses would not look bad on you.

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2. Oval Face

best sunglasses for men

You are a lucky bastard because you have a chin that is somewhat narrower than the forehead. Don’t know what that means? This means with your oval face you can pull-off any design of sunglasses. Whether it is a wayfarer, oversized, aviator, butterfly or pilot styles, they all are made for you.

3. Square Shape

best sunglasses for men

Famous celebrities like Brad Pitt have a square-shaped face. Square chin, strong jawline, and broad foreheads are the traits of a square shape face. Round or oval frames are best for you, so always choose an aviator or butterfly sunglasses.

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4. Heart Shape – wayfarer, cat eye

best sunglasses for men

A heart shape face when you have a broad forehead and narrow chin and jawline. Sunglasses with the design style of a wayfarer, cat eye, and sporty glasses are the best option for you. And you will rock the look, be sure of that.

5. Diamond Shape – aviators

best sunglasses for men

With narrow eye line and wider check bone, people with Diamond shape usually find it hard to pick a sunglass that suits them best. Honestly, there aren’t many options for you. But don’t be hopeless. Try wraparound or aviator style sunglasses which are the best sunglasses for men.

In conclusion:

Sunglasses are not just to make you look good but they also protect the eye from all bright light of the sun. Naah, just kidding, if I can wear sunglasses I would only wear them so that I can look good. So, go and grab the best pair that suits you by following our guide of best sunglasses for men.

I know that you don’t care about harmful sun rays, but you can use it as an excuse to buy new glasses, can’t you?

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