Winter Is The Best Time To Eat Dates And Here Are 21 Reasons To Tell You Why

Do you like dates? I mean the ones you can EAT!

Fossil records show that the dates have existed for at least 50 million years. Records show that people have been consuming dates for the beneficial properties it has. And they also believed that winter is the best time to eat dates.

What about you, do you include dates in your everyday diet? If not, you should start it once and for all. By the way, you should also know that winters is the best time to eat dates. So, it’s a good time for you to start. Here is why you should eat dates, especially in winters-


best time to eat dates

I guess you must already know that dates are hot. Not like fire hot, but more like- it gives your core body the heat it needs to keep you warmer. So, in case you don’t want to bury yourselves under twenty layers of clothing, start including dates in your diet.

It will not only help you keep your body warm but also give your body the extra help it needs to fight off the chilly winds with swag. You see, people who live in the middle east include it in their staple diet, and you know how chilly the desert area gets during nights.


best time to eat dates

It becomes really hard for you to keep a check on your blood pressure, right? sometimes it goes low, sometimes it shoots up to a high level. So, what can you do to fix this? Start eating dates on a regular basis. It will not only make sure that your blood pressure is under control but also keep you fit and fine.

After all, your body works only when there is a consistent blood flow that carries oxygen to your cells, doesn’t it? So, keep blood pressure in check. Snuggle in your blanket, it’s the best time to eat dates and enjoy Netflix. Now, do you agree, its the best time to eat dates, yeah?


best time to eat dates

In order to ensure the healthy functioning of your heart, dates can be of great help. This magical fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants. this helps in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Just so you know,  atherosclerosis is a disease in which your arteries get hard and clogged with plaque.

However, if you include a handful of dates in your diet, it will naturally stimulate cholesterol removal from the artery cells and unblock your arteries. Result? You will have a healthy heart.

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best time to eat dates

If you suffer from sickening constipation bitch, don’t worry. Dates can cure that too. Just eat a handful of soaked dates and you yourself will see the difference. Dates not only helps in regular bowel movements but also aids a lot in stool formation.

The fiber which is found in abundance in dates results in healthier and slower digestion which ensure a healthy bowel movement. It will keep your stomach healthy and keep constipation far far away. And if you don’t want to spend hours on the cold toilet seat, start eating this fruit. Winters is the best time to eat dates after all.

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best time to eat dates

This fruit contains a range of nutrients that help you boost your energy levels. Not only nutrients but it also has sucrose, fructose, and glucose – all of which are natural sugars. So, if you eat dates you will instantly feel an energy boost.

It enhances your stamina and keeps you jumping with energy all day long. Just don’t go crazy and eat it in abundance. because if you eat it every day and with every meal, it might increase your trips to the washroom. (and I mean a lot)


best time to eat dates

If you suffer from a heavy chest or have issues in breathing, you might want to take the help of this healing fruit. Dates help in controlling the asthma trigger. It also strengthens your lungs and keeps you healthy from within. Though it doesn’t cure asthma completely.

But, if you consume 1-2 dates every morning, it will lower down the possibility of an asthma attack. And trust me, if you avoid even one asthma attack, it will be worth. So, start today.


best time to eat dates

If you are suffering from cold and don’t want to take pills for the cure, you have a better option. You won’t even need to visit the store for any extra supplies. Just take a couple of dates, a couple of whole pepper and 2-3 pieces of cloves.

Add this to a cup of water and let it boil. Drink this concoction before going to bed. It will be an effective way that will help you get rid of the annoying cold and you’ll soon be back to your best. You can fight winters and now you know why I told you that its the best time to eat dates.


best time to eat dates

Did you know that dates don’t have cholesterol? Like zero. So, naturally, when you include dates in your diet, it works wonders on your cholesterol levels and reduces oxidative stress. Sounds unbelievable, right?

It regulates the level of cholesterol in your body thereby ensuring a healthy metabolism. All you need to do is eat it whole or add it to your smoothies or any item that you feel like mixing it with. Although, it is advised to take dates with milk as it is a good combination.


best time to eat dates

Dates are good for your bone, as they are rich sources of copper, magnesium, selenium, and manganese. Not just this but dates are also a good source of vitamin K, which helps with the blood coagulant and also helps to metabolize your bones. So, if you want to fight the winters which gets to your bones, start eating dates.

Also, adding dates to your diet will help you limit any bone condition in your body. They are tasty and you can either eat them raw or make some dessert with it. You can even coat them with chocolate to make it even yummier.


best time to eat dates

Your body doesn’t store everything you eat, the waste came out from the a-hole, if you don’t make sure what you are eating, you can get a bad stomach. In the worst case, you’ll suffer from diarrhea and I know you don’t want to go to work in that situation.

So, add dates to your diet to promote the good health of your stomach. Also, they taste pretty good so I don’t think you will have to develop a taste to get the benefits out of this sweet fruit.

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best time to eat dates

In many studies, it is found that with the regular consumption of dates the risk of neurodegenerative diseases has been reduced. Not just this but eating dates can also improve the cognitive performances of your brain.

In simple terms, you are helping your brain to get smarter. And oh, you can even add it with milk and make date milkshake if you want the added goodness of milk, along with the smartness from dates.


best time to eat dates

Daily consumption of dates is known to increases the growth of good bacterias in the gut. By eating dates you can promote colon health. In medical science, dates are proven to reduce the development of colorectal cancer.

Eating dates are the tastiest and the easiest way to improve colon health. No other medicine can taste as yummy as dates and help you keep up your colon health. You can take my word on that.


best time to eat dates

Back in the 18th century, your big belly represents your wealth but now people are busy making their body fit, which not require that belly fat. Eating dates might seem like a wrong choice but in case you are struggling to gain weight, dates can help you.

They are high in calory that can help in weight gain. So, instead of going to for protein supplements, try dates. You will get amazed by the results and they will be a much safer go-to option.


best time to eat dates

Lack of vitamin A in the body can cause the night blindness, luckily dates are rich in vitamin A that will help you to keep this visionary condition at bay. Places where dates consumption is high, fewer cases of night blindness are found.

Make sure you are able to see in the dark by eating dates. And no, you won’t get night vision in your eyes, it will just keep you away from getting the night blindness disease. And that will be helpful as you grow older.

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best time to eat dates

Dates are usually known for their high calory count, they also offer other vital nutrition as well. In case of a pregnant lady who requires extra 300 calories in her diet, dates are a good source of calories and it’s a good choice for pregnant ladies.

Still, women often neglect dates by thinking that it is better to eat high-calorie diet, but sadly, that lacks other nutrition. So, its time to make some new choices and include dates in your next shopping list.


best time to eat dates

Lack of vitamin C and D cause a lack of skin elasticity that can cause the sign of aging in a young woman. Not just this but the decreasing elasticity of skin can also cause the wrinkles.

Luckily dates are rich in vitamin C and D, by eating dates on a regular basis you can make sure your skin won’t lose it’s elasticity before you actually grow old. Also, you will have a pinkish hue to your skin. And you don’t want to age soon, it is best best time to eat dates and make it a habit.


best time to eat dates

Dates are pretty helpful in the better circulation of blood in the scalp because of their high iron content. With the improved circulation, your slap gets enough oxygen to maintain healthy growth of hair. Also, the texture of your hair will improve.

By eating dates you’ll also promote the clean scalp that will offer the growth of new hair. And who doesn’t want a head full of hair? Everyone does and now you know how to get that long and silky locks.


best time to eat dates

Most of the people lack magnesium in their daily diet and for those who don’t know magnesium is extremely important for the immune system of your body. With the lack of magnesium, your immune system becomes week and not able to fight the inflammation.

But dates are rich in magnesium, make them your favorite food to promote your immune system. You will feel healthy and also keep viral illness at bay. Small infections won’t be able to touch you. If you easily fall sick, the best time to eat dates would be in the morning, with few almonds maybe.

19. Maintains your skin elasticity

best time to eat dates

With the growing age, skin starts to lose its elasticity, that can result in wrinkles and early aging. Though, you don’t have to worry if you eat dates on a regular basis, as they are a good source of vitamin C and D that helps in maintaining the skin elasticity.

Phytohormones is a date palm kernel extract that is known for its anti-aging benefits. No anti-aging cream would work better than these magical fruits with healing properties, trust me.

20. Controls anemia

best time to eat dates

Lack of red blood cells in a human body can cause the anemia that will make you feel fatigued and your body will feel tired. Though it can be easily treated by offering enough iron to your body. I wonder from where you can get that?

Oh, yeah dates, as they are the good source of iron they can help to maintain the right balance of red cells in the blood. You would love the natural pink skin that you will have once the blood cells start increasing. Best time to eat dates would be in your breakfast.

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21. It’s aphrodisiac

best time to eat dates

Last but not least, dates are also considered an aphrodisiac. Yeah, you read it right. Now you know that instead of falling for any expensive pill or any other food item that promises good sexual health, you can easily buy dates and starts eating them.

If you keep it in your everyday diet, the results will be clear in a few days.  And you will love it. Apart from the vast range of benefits it offers, this is the sweetest one. I think you are smiling, are you?

In Conclusion:

I know dates aren’t your favorite fruit, and you have never paid attention to its health benefits. Luckily now you know, so in case someone asks you about your obsession with dates you got the 21 excuses to keep them at bay. And you can guide them to understand why winters is the best time to eat dates.

You can also ask your friends and family to try this delicious and extremely beneficial fruit, to promote their health.

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