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Your Dinner Time Affects Your Body. Find Out What’s The Best Time To Eat Dinner!

Everyone has become so health-conscious nowadays. Some people even make a note of the calories consumed throughout their day. I’m not saying it is a bad thing, but counting calories is not the only key to living healthily.

For decades, it has been told that a calorie will be a calorie, no matter when you consume it. But, modern medical science has found some other answer.

The study behind dinner time

Best Time to Eat dinner

In most of the studies, it was found that food consumed later at night, will get stored in the body. That too, in the form of fat that stays, rather than energy which can easily get burned by the body.

There are many studies performed on animals confirming that body processes food, depending on the time it is consumed. This gives rise to a new question, what is the best time to eat dinner?

Does time really matter?

Best Time to Eat dinner

Time does matter but if you ask me, ‘what’s the best time to eat dinner’, the answer is there is no best time at all. It all depends on when you get up and go back to bed. It also relies on when you eat your daily meals.

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For parents, dinner time might come early. But for 9-6 working people, their dinner table is never set before 10 pm. That proves, your dinner time depends on your daily schedule and not on the clock.

In case of late dinner, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, trouble in sleeping and heartburns. This is why doctors suggest not to eat any heavy meal close to bedtime.

But that doesn’t mean, eating early is the answer. As eating early will end up giving you the feeling of hunger, just before going to bed.

Dietitian Angel Planells, who is also a spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said, “If we eat early and don’t get enough protein or fiber, the potential downside is we’re more likely to get a late-night snack and choose more decadent foods like cookies, cake or other snacks.”

Then what you should do?

Best Time to Eat dinner

If you want to live a healthy life, you need to find the best time to eat dinner that suits your body. To lose some of the extra weight, you should go for early dinner. Or you can even make your late lunch count as the last meal of your day.

According to research published at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in 2018 suggest that ‘meal timing has an impact on human metabolism.’

Their research included a small group of people who are carrying extra weight. The results concluded that people who ate their last meal by mid-afternoon had to deal with less daily hunger pangs. Also, their body was able to burn fat at night more efficiently.

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In Conclusion:

If you still haven’t found your answer then let me clear it for you. There is no such time to eat your dinner as it mainly depends on your daily schedule. But, if you are willing to make some good changes in your life, eating dinner early would be the right one as it helps your bodies ability to process food.

Having early dinner will allow your body to directly convert food into energy. It can be later used by the body for performing rest of your daily chores. But, in case you need to work on late shifts and there is no way you can eat your dinner before 10 pm. Make sure you don’t eat any heavy or spicy meal.

Go for a leafy vegetable dinner that will provide your body with all the important nutrients without giving you trouble sleeping.

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