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Do You Know This Is The Best Time To Practice Yoga?

Yoga is one of that exercise that is good for both your physical and mental health. Not just this but yoga also helps with the spiritual well-being. Some people even do it because it is peaceful, calms your body and mind, giving it the sensation of calmness.

Some people like to do yoga in the morning calling it the perfect time to practice it. Then there are people who practice it at night (or evening). This is confusing people who like to do yoga.

If you are the one who likes doing yoga but not sure what time you should practice it, this article is just for you.

The best time

Practising yoga

If you are taking yoga classes, most of the yoga schools will tell you to practice yoga at the sunrise. As they consider it as the best time. But then what about the people who have work late hours? Well, the best time to practice yoga can be whenever it suits you best.

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Some people practice it in the evening while some people practice it in the morning. As most of the people chose the time that suits best their lifestyle. To help you find out what time suits you best here are the pros and cons of doing yoga in the morning or evening.

The advantages of morning yoga

Yoga in morning

Gives a good start: Practising yoga in the morning will help you get over your habit of coffee. As practising yoga in the morning will get to make your mind calm and body relaxed.

Boosts your metabolism: Morning yoga boosts your metabolism, keep your sugar level balanced in your body and promotes better digestion throughout the day.

You smile for the rest of the day: Practising yoga in the morning boosts your mood as well. Helps to you keep your body and mind calm so that you can give your best.

The disadvantages:

Stiffness in the body: During the morning time your muscles and joints lack flexibility, which is important to practise all the complex yoga moves.

Hard for night owls to get up: Working late hours, night owls often wake up many hours past sunrise. They won’t be energetic and then practising yoga in the morning might be quite challenging for them.

The advantages of evening yoga:

Best time to practice yoga

Your body is relaxed: The stiffness in the joints and muscles are all gone by the evening. Your body is more relaxed that makes it easy to practice more complex yoga poses in the evening.

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Good for your digestive system:┬áMost of the people don’t know that but practising yoga in the evening improves your digestive system. it helps to digest the food you have consumed throughout the day.

Better sleep: Practising yoga in the evening will calm your mind and help you get relief from all unnecessary thoughts in your mind. Thus, helping you to get better and sound sleep.

The disadvantages:

Hyperactive thoughts: Your brain has a lot of things to process, there are so many thoughts hovering inside your mind. This will distract you and you might not attain the same mental peace that you could have attained by practising yoga in the morning.

In Conclusion:

There are not many disadvantages to practising yoga in the evening. And the best time depends on your lifestyle, depends on the time that suits best for you. There is no rule to practice yoga at sunrise, as you can get the same benefits by practising in the evening.


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