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Follow These 9 Tips To Have Better Sex With Your Partner

‘Love and Lust’ these are two different faces on the same coin. Usually, when both come together a perfect balance of love and lust is created and a beautiful relationship gets formed.

The thing is, you can be madly in love with her but to make it work you have to be crazy in bed as well. To satisfy the emotional needs of your significant other, you have to give her both love and lust.

And if you wondering how to do that, here are 9 things that you can do to have better sex in your relationship.

1. Plan it in advance

Better Sex plan it in advance

You might be wondering if I’m crazy to ask you plan your sex. Well, let me tell you, marking it on the calendar might not sound very sexy but believe me, it is. By making time for sex in advance, it will make your subconscious mind always be aware of the fun part you will enjoy. And when the day comes, sex will come more naturally.

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2. Underwears is all that you need

Better Sex Underwears is all that you need

When you are at home and there is no one around, except your partner, try and stay on your underwear. You don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable. But, in case you have no problem staying in your half-super-man costume, you’ll find yourself and your partner getting more intimate.

3. Mutual understanding is important

better sex mutual understanding

Sexual intercourse between two human beings needs to be mutual. If you are the one who usually takes the first step regarding getting intimate, it is important that you also care about your partner’s needs and feelings. Otherwise, you might not be able to get the real feeling of sex.

4. Live your fantasies

better sex fantasies

Come on, don’t lie that you don’t have any sexual fantasies, everyone has one. Sometimes people feel shy to share their sexual fantasies but in reality, it so much fun living those fantasies. Try role play and spice up your sex life. You might feel it is a bad idea, but wait until you try it.

5. Some lube won’t hurt

better sex lube

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You might not be able to understand the concept of lube, but it works. It helps you to have smoother and better sex. It adds moisture and makes the sex more sensual. Though you can do it without the lube if you want. Still, it won’t hurt if you try it once. Continue using it if you really had the better sex after applying lube.

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6. Open that book of Kamasutra

better sex kamasutra

Getting down on the bed with the same missionary position might feel boring after a while. Explore new things, pick up that Indian book of sex and find out those exotic sex positions that entice you the most. Make sure your partner is equally excited to try this new pose and I’m sure you’ll have better sex.

7. It’s okay if that position didn’t go that well

better sex laugh it off

You tried something, just as I mentioned above, you opened that book and choose the most peculiar position to try. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, you can figure out the puzzle and say your ‘Baby-Maker’ never get the chance to reach the ‘Altar of Venus’. Don’t worry, it happens. Instead of getting stressed, forget about it or just laugh it off.

8. Getting close is more important

better sex get close

Remember what I mentioned at the very beginning, love and lust are faces of the same coin. Similarly, maintaining a perfect parity is important. Instead of getting intimate all the time, try to know her better emotionally. This will ultimately raise the urge to know her physically as well.

9. Make sure they are the right one

better sex

You can never enjoy the ultimate feeling of sex if you are not with the person who feels comfortable with it. Make sure that your partner is someone who makes you feel confident and sexy about yourself. No one is accustomed to seeing themselves naked and many might not feel comfortable.

In Conclusion:

I have bestowed upon you the secret of having better sex. The first thing you have to do now is planning it. After tha,t whenever you feel like, start using above-mentioned tips one-by-one to have better sex.

Tell me if I am missing anything!

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