Beware of Public Charging Threats And Identifying A Hacked Phone

Our phones have occasionally run out of power while we are away from home. We frequently charge our iPhones in situations like this in stores, coffee shops, trains, and other locations. However, experts frequently advise against using public charging connections for your phone. Recently, there has been an increase in the “Juice Jacking” scam, in which fraudsters use public charging outlets to access other people’s phones.

What Is ‘Juice Jacking’? A Public Charging Scam

Juice jacking is a cyberattack wherein a hacked Universal Serial Bus (USB) charging station infects a connected device with malware or obtains personal data from it. According to US Army Cyber Command, juice jacking, also known as port jacking, affects any device that can be charged using a USB plug, not just mobile phones. Therefore, if you plug your phone or any other device into the malicious charging port, it could be compromised.

Signs To Know If Your Phone Is Hacked

1. Performance issues

Some indications that your phone may have been hacked include abrupt performance problems, such as slowing down, or instances where it turns on and off by itself.

2. Mystery apps

If you notice texts or emails that you haven’t sent or applications that you haven’t downloaded on your phone, these could be warning signs. You should also continuously monitor your data use. If your phone’s data use has increased, it might not be a good sign.

3. Pop-ups

Pop-ups may rise if you have malware or spyware on your phone. Therefore, if you see an increase in pop-up ads or notice any alterations to your home screen, your smartphone has likely been compromised.

4. Hot Phone 

Does your phone suddenly lose battery life and get too warm? The presence of malware and spyware may cause this problem. Check your smartphone to see if it has any technical problems or battery problems.

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