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Take A Look At Bharat Teaser And Check How Fans Are Reacting

It’s a happy day for Salman fans.

The teaser of his upcoming film Bharat is already out on YouTube. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the cast of the film includes Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani (aka directionless) and Tabbu.

It’s hard to tell if the movie is going to be a super hit or a super flop. All we can say is, ‘Bharat teaser sucked.’ Luckily, we are not the only one who thinks that way. The movie is going to release in theatres on EID 2019.

What’s in the teaser?

Bharat teaser

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The teaser starts with people getting on an overcrowded train, resembling the periodic drama that occurred back during the partition. Salman Khan’s voiceover played alongside the teaser saying that he was named Bharat, after his country, by his father.

Teaser revealed several different looks of Salman Khan’s character that include him as a navy man, a con artist and a circus clown, oh sorry I mean a stuntman1

Bharat Teaser

It’s hard to tell what was happening there. All that one can spot in this teaser are the similarities. It looks like a cheap direction and some copy of a famous Hollywood scene.

Everyone has got power on the internet. And almost everyone likes to consume different category of content. Other than Bollywood, people are more inclined towards Hollywood now. Most people love to watch Hollywood series, movies, Korean drama and many more.

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We didn’t like Bharat teaser and we are not the only one. Here are the proves. Some fan comments that’ll you should read-

Bharat teaser

Bharat teaser

Bharat teaser

Bharat teaser

In Conclusion:

Knowing that the stunt scene look’s like a cheap copy of the scene from “Ghost Rider”, we don’t know what the makers are expecting out of Bharat. Why Bollywood directors are so obsessed with copying Hollywood movies? Thugs of Hindustan has already tasted a massive defeat because it was also a copy of a Hollywood film. Pirates of the Carribean.

But we know it’s too soon to judge, so let’s wait till the trailer releases.
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