‘Bhashini’: A Local Google Translator for UPI Payments, Say ‘Payment Kardo’ and It Will be Done

The government is seriously thinking about supporting a homegrown alternative to Google’s translation services. They’ve included ‘Bhashini’ in their Digital India expansion plans, which come with a budget of Rs 14,903 crore.

Bhashini is a clever translation tool that uses AI. It works with ten big Indian languages right now. With the government’s help, it’s going to include all 22 official Indian languages. This is all part of the government’s big plan called the National Language Translation Mission.

'Bhashini' A Local Google Translator for UPI Payments

Exactly What Bhasini Will Be Used For?

Bhashini’s main goal is to translate languages smoothly. It wants to make the internet accessible in all 22 Indian languages. By using cool technologies like machine translation and others, Bhashini aims to help Indians search and browse the internet in their preferred language. So, knowing English won’t stop anyone in India from getting online.

Even though government services and apps let you browse in major Indian languages, there’s still work to be done. English is kind of in charge because translations to all Indian languages aren’t reliable yet. Bhashini wants to change that. It’s not just about translating from English; it can do real-time translations between different Indian languages. So, whether it’s Hindi to Telugu or Bengali to Manipuri, Bhashini has it covered. It’s like your go-to for breaking language barriers online.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently showed off Bhashini at a big tech meeting—the G20 Digital Economy Working Group Ministers Meet. It’s like India saying, “We’re ready to rock the tech world with our innovations!”

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“We are building ‘Bhashini,’ an AI-powered language translation platform. It will support digital inclusion in all the diverse languages of India,” said the PM.

The government’s Digital India plans are not just about expanding—it’s also giving a tech makeover to the National Knowledge Network, connecting nearly 1,787 educational spots. Plus, there’s a focus on cybersecurity, with special courses to make 12 crore college students cyber-smart.

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