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Viral Bird Box Challenge Is The Stupid Start Of Year 2019 – Netflix Is Scared Of People Getting Hurt

2018 was great, a number of memes made us laugh and funny challenges that turned out to be dangerous made the year interesting for twitter-ers.

Following the same tradition, 2019 has started with a new internet challenge, ‘The Bird box Challenge.’

Based on the latest Netflix movie with the same name – ‘Bird box’, starring Sandra Bullock has made fans to take on the challenge.

The Bird Box challenge?

Hard to find the person who started this challenge but now, internet is flooding with videos of people mimicking this bird box challenge with their kids and family.

Just like all the challenges from previous years, this first challenge of the year 2019 is nothing less than bizarre and the best way to visit the hospital.

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Netflix doesn’t want any court complaint to get registered against them, because people getting hurt while performing a stupid challenge from their movie that no one has asked them to do.

What’s the challenge about?

Challenge asks the challenger to blindfold their eyes in order to mimic the situation from the movie.

In the movie, their world has been infected by an apocalyptic condition. That causes everyone to see a mysterious entity “the bringer of death” in form of their worst nightmare.

If people of their world stare at the bringer of death, they instantly get the urge to kill themselves. The only way to avoid this uncertain death is by not looking into the eyes of this devil-like entity. And that can be only done by blindfolding their own eyes.

Fans are trying to mimic the same part from the movie by blindfolding themselves and their family. People have recorded this challenge videos during their gym sessions or while walking.

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By now you must have already watched one or two videos of people performing this ridiculous challenge. To be honest, it looks like a perfect recipe of disaster, getting hurt and nothing more while you are blindfolded.

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