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Bird-fish – Have we accidentally discovered a new species?

Our big blue is a strange and mysterious place.

Whenever we think that we have seen it all……..pop goes something, and we are back to being cavemen-wondering what else is out there that we don’t know!! This time its a “Bird-Fish” !!


Something similar occurred in South-West China that has amazed people throughout the globe. A mysterious and bizarre bird-fish got reeled in by the anglers in Guizhou, South-West China.

This bizarre fish -about a foot long was seen gasping for air and was released back in the water. But, the appearance of the fish definitely put a question as to what exactly this creature was?

But, if we go by the words of the Guizhou Fisheries Research Institute- this creature is not of any alien origin. (*sigh*)

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This is actually a deformed carp which is a result of embryonic damage. According to the experts, there are reports of deformities noted after every now and then.

For example- In South Carolina, a fish was caught with ‘human-like incisors’. In another such incident in Portugal- there was a rare frilled shark, which has a body shaped like a snake and a head like a shark. (Holy Shiii..!!!)

So basically guys………. according to the experts, there’s nothing to be worried about!

But we can’t deny the fact that the bizarre appearance of this bird- fish definitely made us jump out of our skin!

What do you think about this creature? Let us know your views.

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