This Video Imagines 'Birds With Arms' And It's The Most Hilarious Thing You Will Watch Today - Viral Bake

This Video Imagines ‘Birds With Arms’ And It’s The Most Hilarious Thing You Will Watch Today

What would birds look like if they had hands like humans? Well, that is exactly what someone on the internet imagined and the results that he came up with in visuals are just hilarious. Trust me, we are still laughing.

Video creator Duncan Evans recently shared a video in which he gave hands to the birds. And the video has got everyone laughing out loud. Have a look for a dose of laughter.

Finished watching? Well, we would give you a moment to catch your breath as it is most likely you are still chuckling. Like it’s not just a normal video. It has been edited so well that it looks so real.

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And not just to us, but also the internet as people there can’t stop laughing and talking about it. One user also shared his own version of birds with arms.

And others continue to talk about the two

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