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Bizarre Animal Stories From Incredible India That Will Make You Go WTF

No other country has the word ‘Incredible’ prefixed to it, apart from India.

Ever wondered why?

Just so you know, there are several reasons to it. But the one reason I want to highlight today is the fact that, here, in India, some incidents occur that practically can’t take place anywhere else on earth.

And these incidents are related to animals. Animals that created news, with their actions, crimes and well, see for yourself.

Here’s the collection of bizarre animal stories

that will make you smile for sure and also strengthen your belief in, ‘It happens only in India‘.

1. A monkey hijacked a bus and rammed it in two parked buses- Bareilly, UP

Monkey driving a bus

Yes, you read it right. In the month of December 2015, a monkey took control over a bus in Bareilly. The driver apparently was taking a nap in the back seat when the monkey sneaked in the driver’s cabin. The monkey went ahead and turned the ignition key as it was hanging in the key slot. The driver woke up with a jolt and tried to chase the monkey away.

But before that, the monkey had already panicked out, shifted the gear and started driving, before jumping out of the moving bus. Result? It rammed staright into two parked buses nearby, before the bus driver was able to stop it.

2. A goat arrested for the crime of grazing a Judge’s garden – Chhattisgarh

goat grazing in field

I still can’t digest this. Good lord, how can someone arrest a goat for grazing, right? I mean that’s what goats do. They graze the fields, eat grass and bushes and flowers. But I guess the well-educated judge got so pissed by the goat, named Babli that he filed a complaint against her and her owner.

The goat got arrested along with her owner. But they were later released when the owner promised to make sure that the goat doesn’t graze on somebody else’s property, especially the judges. Pheww!!

3. Parrot detained for hurling abuses on elderly lady – Chandrapur, Maharashtra


A parrot named Hariyal used to shout abusive comments on his owner’s stepmother. Like seriously. And the elderly lady believed that his stepson trained him for this purpose. Whenever she crossed the home of her stepson, this badass parrot used to shout obscene abuses on top of his voice.

She got so frustrated that she ended up filing a complaint And Hariyal got detained for the same reason. No kidding. However, when Hariyal was in custody, he didn’t utter a word,(smartass parrot, haan!) which got him released and transferred to the state forest department. Good for him.

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4. Stray dog steals Rs. 4 Lakhs- Patna, Bihar

Stray dog

A person tried to file a complaint against a stray dog that wandered off with his bag that contained a whole lot of cash. The incident occurred when the victim kept his bag of cash on his bed, inside his house and went to wash his hands.

ViralBake Telegram

The dog entered the room, took a hold of the cash and ran off. The victim ran off behind but could only retrieve 140,000 rupees. Now that’s a heist no one could imagine, right?

5. Three goats arrested for damaging police patrol car- Chennai

goat arrested

Isn’t it hilarious that a bunch of goats are capable enough to destroy a police car? For me it is. This happened in Chennai, where a parked patrol car suffered the wrath of 12 goats who trampled over it causing dents and what not. They even broke the glass and damaged the wipers. Damn!

Out of the 12 goats, three were arrested. The owner was traced and when police found out that it was a regular thing that her goats used to do, they sent them to the Society for the Protection of Animals.

6. Monkey’s fooled by villagers with stuffed tigers – Andhra Pradesh

scared monkey

The villagers of this state came up with an awesome plan to make a fool out of the monkeys who were causing much damage to their fields. The villages near the  North Godavari district became fed up by the nuisance created by animals.

So what did they do? They bought stuffed tiger soft toys and placed them near their fields. Worked really well from them because indeed the monkey’s were fooled by it. So much for “Jugad’ people. Kudos.

7. Badal, the cold drink loving goat creates a sensation- Kanpur, UP

Badal cold drink loving goat

So, what do you think a goat loves the most? Green grass, soft leaves? Nope. This goat ‘Badal’ loves to eat raisins, apples, bananas, ghee, raisins, cashews, grams and wheat.  But hey, he loves drinking cold drinks.

Like so much that he gulps down an entire bottle in a matter of minutes.  Yeah, so much for a goat, right? And locals just can’t seem to get enough of this cold-drink-guzzling goat and often take selfies with him, sipping on a drink.

8. Baby monkey rescued by a shepherd found her mother in the pet goat, Karnataka.

goat with monkey Seetha

Basappa, a humble shepherd from a village in Karnataka was returning home when he spotted a baby monkey under a tree.  On looking closely he saw that she was injured. He looked around for her family but no one to be found. Without second thoughts, he took the baby in his arms, took her home and treated her injuries. He even named her Seetha.

One of Basappa’s goats had recently given birth to baby goats and was still lactating. This new mother lovingly fed Seetha too. Apparently, Seetha settled in pretty well and till date goes on grazing with her mother goat and accompanies her back to Basappa’s house as well. Now that’s true love.

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9. Retirement party bash for the Safari elephants – Jim Corbett Park, Uttarakhand

elephants at JIm corbett park

So, you always thought that retirement party is for people? Well, you are wrong. In one of the most humble gestures, the forest officials organized a farewell party for three elephants who served the Jim Corbett National Park for around four decades.

Pawanpari, Sonakali, and Lacchama were brought to Jim Corbett National Park in the 1970’s, from Assam and Karnataka. Ever since these animals have been tirelessly serving the forest department and taking tourists on safaris. Now, they will spend the rest of their lives relaxing at Kalagarh camp and will be taken care of by the forest department.

That’s all for today folks, now go and share them with your mates!

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