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Bizarre News – A Women Buried Below The 5ft iPhone Tombstone

5-ft iPhone Tombstone in Russia will tell you about the fan’s obsession of iPhone.

The Apple fanatics are all over the world, and they often amaze us by doing some pretty peculiar things when it comes to their favorite Smartphone makers. We have heard the stories of fans doing bizarre thing just to own an iPhone. But that is not what we are talking here.

Reported by Dailymail – Rita Shameeva was a 25-year-old woman buried under a big and bizarre 5-ft tombstone that is a manifestation of an iPhone.
The 5ft iPhone Tombstone

You must have seen unique and freakish tombstones but this one is certainly the next level. Created some hype after her death, Rita Shameeva of Russia will be forever remembered for her undying obsession for Apple.

Where can you find it?

Standing tall inside the Yuzhnoye cemetery in the oil-rich city of Ufa, this bizarre 5-ft tombstone is placed by Rais Shameev, father of Rita Shameev as he mourned for his daughter and respected her last wishes.

It has become a gesture of love from a father who must miss his daughter. Another weird thing that you’ll notice is that there is a QR code at the bottom of Rita’s new tombstone.

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How people reacted after spotting this bizarre tombstone?

It came as a shock to not just us but also to the local tombstone makers of the city. They have been in the business of making tombstones for a very long now, but they have never seen anything so bizarre ever. And they are not alone. People of the city are dumbstruck seeing the unique tombstone too.

The 5ft iPhone Tombstone

Seeing a big iPhone standing upright inside of the cemetery made many feel like they were hallucinating. But after inspecting the grave from the close, they realized it was just a tombstone, yes, something totally different and way over their level of imagination.

But just a tombstone, nonetheless.

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In Conclusion

This bizarre tombstone is certainly creating a buzz in the entire city and the news has gone viral. Yet there is very little information available about Rita and her story behind the iPhone tomb. All we know is that she was a traveler and her iPhone was the most important thing to her when she was alive.

Tell us, what is the weirdest story you know about Apple fans?

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