BJP MLA gets in an argument with Lady Cop over a puny incident
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BJP MLA Abusing Lady Cop In Rudrapur Goes Viral. Is This What MLAs Are For?

Indian politicians are just ‘Stupendous’.

After every now and then you will encounter one such gallant MLA who think he is the epitome of power. Like ‘Rajnikant of South Indian movie’. And deep down they make you feel, ‘Isko MLA kisne bna diya yar!’.

Keeping the same trend alive, one such incident occurred in Rudrapur on 7 September. Thanks to the star of the incident- BJP MLA Rajkumar Thukral. He created a full-power scene when sub-inspector Anita Gairola arrested a man and brought him to the police station.

bjp mla abuses lady cop

The reason?

Well, obviously the lady inspector did not have any personal grudge against the arrested person. And she did not put him in jail just because she wanted to. She was just doing her duty.

The accused person did not have the papers related to his bike, which is why she seized the bike and took the guy into custody. And just so you know, apparently the guy was drunk AF too.

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bjp mla abuses lady cop

What happened next?

Now, as you all can rightly speculate, this MLA obviously did not like what she did. After all, the person in custody must have been either form the party of his personal relative. Who knows?

bjp mla abuses lady cop

Anyway, he hurled right into the police station with his convoy of bruisers and started enquiring who had raised a hand on his precious. The Sub- Inspector is still seen replying that no one had beaten the guy.

bjp mla abuses lady cop

However, as you all know how the nature of these self-obsessed politicians is, he doesn’t care who or what is under the law. All the while he is seen howling over the people and authority.

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What the fish, right?

I mean, what on earth is going on? Any person with an ounce of common sense would never argue with authorities when the accused has broken laws. That too, not one, but two. Not only the person in custody was drunk but he did not have the papers for the vehicle he was driving. But did this stop MLA from creating an unnecessary havoc?

Hell no.

Because,’Hum to MLA hai! Humse Power hai, Hum Power se Nahi’ is the mantra these guys follow.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

The whole armada along with BJP MLA Rajkumar Thukral swarmed out of the police station premises and fortunately, the female SI was just left off with a warning ‘ Tammej se baat Karo’.

Who knows, the MLA might have even done something even more brainless than what he already did. Maybe he could have thrashed her. Or even worse.

In Conclusion:

The only question that arises from this whole hullabaloo is that, are politicians only entitled to misuse their powers? Do they get the license to howl and create a scene every time law and order are placed on them on their people?

If yes, don’t you think, there should be a form available to join private MLA groups?

After all, they offer protection at any cost, right? Even when you know you are wrong, and you have broken the law, the ultimate MLA power will be there to save your ass. Food for thought, eh?

Psst- BJP you need to recruit people with brains or opposing parties won’t fail to snatch the throne from under. Just saying!

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