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BJP MP Sharad Tripathi Thrashes BJP MLA Rakesh Singh With Shoes : ViralBake Analysis Report

Elections are around the corner.

Opposition and BJP are having a gala time accusing each other of things that they did and the things that they failed on. But the real fun is taking place on social media. Netizens are putting out anything they can get their hands on.

Random videos, memes, and interviews that show the real political world without any extra spice added to cover the real thing.

The effect of BJP’s ruling displayed without any filter

Netizens attention was diverted to a video that was uploaded by a Facebook page FilterCopy. The video, where a person was being interviewed on the changes that he witnessed in the locality after BJP came into power. The video was an ingenious one, that displayed the reality with a hell load of sarcasm and humor.

Have a look-

No wonder, it displayed the exact thing that leaders pay media to not publicize in the first place. As soon as the speaker starts praising BJP government and that it has lowered down the number of fights and brawls in the area, a fight breaks off in the background. (just next to the interview area)

The speaker rushes to sort out the fight, and that’s how a meme content got generated with zero efforts. Himesh Reshammiya’s song ‘Jhooth nai bolna’ in the background made the video look more genuine than any opposition video. (Seriously)

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Meanwhile, BJP MLA and MP shoe fight

Moving on to the real fight which wasn’t some random brawl between meth-heads, but between two of the prestigious politicians of BJP. The two powerful BJP leaders (MP &MLA) fought over something really serious.

The reason behind this shoe-fight was the placement of names on a foundation stone of a project! That was it!

Oh, I am not even exaggerating it. The tweet by ANI news said the same thing and I guess everyone should salute the dedication of these BJP leaders. After all, MP Tripathi Ji takes petty issues seriously. So seriously that he can strategically take out his shoe without the other person even getting a hint of it, and starts thrashing him black and blue.

Now, that’s a talent you should appreciate. I mean how many of you can pull off this stunt?

And of course, you can’t call it gundagardi because hey, getting your name etched on the stone of a project is what an MP should be concerned about, right? And that’s what MP Sharad Tripathi was after. You can not say that it was useless and unnecessary.

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Having said that, the nation wants its leaders to take these kinds of issues seriously. Things that are about getting names etched, placement of the name and the kind of stone to be used etc. After all, that’s how the nation will take a step towards the development of its economy.

And these guys are doing one hell of a job, aren’t they?

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