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‘Black Box’ Found From Boeing 737, China Plane Crash

Damaged Black Box Recovered From Investigation Site

Black Box was found from the investigation site of Boeing 737 – China Eastern Plane. The incident took place on Monday in the Autonomous Region of Guangxi City. An aviation regulator Official of China said to reporters that the box contains the details of pilots. According to Bloomberg News, the trio of pilots was licensed and was very experienced in their job. They were also having their health certificates which denoted they were in a healthy state.

Damaged Black Box Recovered From Investigation Site

Flight Experiences of Pilots

As per the officials, for flying the model which crashed the Pilot had the flying experience of 6,709 hrs. One out of two Co-Pilots has completed 31,769 flying hours and the second Co-Pilot had the experience of flying the plane for 556 hours.

Black Boxes

Only the black boxes are key to unlocking the mystery behind the crash of flight MU5735. Nobody knows why the plane descended at such high speed. The plane was cruising at 29,100 ft. and in just 2 minutes and 15 seconds, it descended to 9,075ft.

The plane had two black boxes, one was a Flight Data Recorder (FDR)and another was a Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). And it is not clear which black box is found out of the two, but it is severely damaged. These two black boxes present on the plane are capable of recording the date for hundred flight experiences. The investigators will now use the black box to detect the anomalies that occurred during the flight.

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Read more about black boxes with the tweet below.

A drone rescue centre in Guangzhou reported, “The site of the crash in a mountain forest complicates the search for the black boxes and we have to rely mainly on drones and rescue staff.”

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