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Here Are The 12 Funny Black Hole Memes You Must See

After so many years, we have finally captured the very first image of “Black hole”. It might not look like what you were expecting it to be, but still, it’s a remarkable finding in the human’s history.

The image is published by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which is a global collaboration that uses radio telescopes around the world to create a big, Earth-sized observatory.

The black hole image

On 10th April 2019, they unveiled pictures of the black hole.

The black hole is located at the center of a distant M87 galaxy, which is 53 million light years away from our galaxy. It is the very first direct images of a black hole ever seen by a human. Now, it seems like we have come closer to understand the mystery of this Universe.

The whole internet is talking about it, the entire social media is drowning with questions regarding the image of a black hole. Even though it’s a very serious achievement but the internet has decided to make it into a meme. Just coz, they can!

Like every other popular thing ever existed, Reddit (front page of the internet) has decided to make black hole memes. The modern meme culture is a new way to express your feeling and Redditors never shy away from doing that.

So, now we have meme’s that are questioning why the black hole image is so blurred? Is this even real (could be a conspiracy)? If you haven’t seen them already, here are the 12 cool black hole memes from Reddit.

1. See that’s what we were talking about

black hole memes

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2. Why no one is taking a black hole seriously?

black hole memes

3.  For all those who don’t like the amazing black hole photos

black hole memes

4. Well, that’s his bad luck

black hole memes

5. That’s true, a black hole can even suck in light

black hole memes

6. People are really complaining about the image being blurred

black hole memes

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7. That’s for the knowledge purposes (though, it’s still a meme)

black hole memes

8. Don’t worry your specs are fine

black hole memes

9. Dr. Katie Bouman, scientist who took the photo

black hole memes

10. It’s not true

black hole memes

11. That’s what happening everywhere, that’s what happening right now

black hole memes

12. True that, I mean everyone can feel the pain

black hole memes

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Hope you liked it, though these are not the only black hole memes. On every social media, you’ll come across several black hole meme. There is a meme about Thano’s butthole and this new black hole.

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