Wonder How Blind People Use Phones? This Girl Explaining How Is Something You Must Watch

While we perfectly fine people can enjoy the luxuries of life, there are also some who aren’t as lucky as we are. There are many people out there dealing with disabilities; blindness being one of them.

Blindness deprives one with the ability to do even the simplest of tasks and no one would need an explanation for that. However, interestingly, blind people still continue to live their lives by simply learning some crazy hacks.

Similarly, this girl here, who is blind, has learned to use her phone and wanted to share the experience with others so they can help themselves and other blind people.

Michigan resident Kristy Viers took to Twitter to explain how any visually impaired person operates their phone. “I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.”

In the clip, the US teen slides her fingers through the screen of the phone as it spells out the icon’s name. She then goes on to double-tap on the app she wants to open and the phone’s voice assistant does the rest of the job.

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She also recommends braille keypad for typing purposes for someone who is deprived of eyesight.

Many users joined in to thank her for the wonderful advice.

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