What Is A Blue Aadhaar Card, and How To Apply, Know Its Importance

In 2018, the Unique Identification Authority of India introduced something called a Blue Aadhaar Card, also known as “Baal Aadhaar.” This special card is designed specifically for children under the age of 5.

The Aadhaar Card is an important document in India. People use it to prove who they are when they want government help or benefits. It’s a crucial piece of paper in many situations because it has important information like your full name, where you live, and your birthdate. All of this is linked to a unique 12-digit number that’s given to you by the Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI.

Now, let’s talk about the Blue Aadhaar Card for kids under 5.

This special card makes it easier for young children to join government programs. The big thing about this card is that kids under 5 don’t have to give fingerprints or other body measurements like adults. Instead, they use information like their name and a picture of their face, and this is linked to their parent’s Aadhaar number.

If you’re wondering how to get a Blue Aadhaar Card for your child, here are the steps:

  1. First, go to the official UIDAI website, which is
  2. Fill out the form with all the required details.
  3. Pick an appointment time for the registration process.
  4. Find the closest registration center and book your appointment there.
  5. When you go to the center, bring your Aadhaar card, your child’s birth certificate, and any reference number you might have.
  6. After you finish everything, you’ll get an acknowledgment number. This will help you keep track of your application.

In summary, the Blue Aadhaar Card is a special card for kids under 5 that makes it easier for them to join government programs. To get one, follow the steps on the official UIDAI website.

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