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Here’s How Eating Blueberries Can Improve Your Heart

Do you like the taste of blueberries? I do, and I love them with pancakes.

Naturally, when I came across this study which says that consuming blueberries can reduce the risk of heart disease, I was overwhelmed.

Blueberries reduce Cardio Vascular Disease

According to a recent study that was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a cup of blueberries can do a lot for your heart. The findings of the study suggested that daily consumption of blueberries reduce the risk of any CVD by 15 %.

And not just blue ones, apparently other berries also have a similar effect on the heart.

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The findings quoted this study’s lead author, where he explained how they deduced the conclusion. Aedin Cassidy was leading the study. He is a Professor at the University of East Anglia in Britain. He said, ‘Having metabolic syndrome significantly increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and often statins and other medications are prescribed to help control this rise.’

The study and findings

The effect of consuming blueberries was studied and researchers noted down how the metabolism was affected.  For this, they gather 138 obese people aged between 50 and 75.  These people suffered from one or the other metabolic syndromes.

Some had high blood pressure while some suffered from high blood sugar. And all of them had excess body fat around the waist along with low levels of ‘good cholesterol’ and high levels of triglycerides. They were literally on the verge of facing heart issues.

However, with daily consumption of a cup full of blueberries, there were significant improvements noted in their vascular and arterial functions. Going further, it eventually reduced the risk by 12 to 15 %.

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In Conclusion:

Blueberries taste great. And now that it can also help you keep your heart healthy, I see no reason that anyone would not include this superfood in their diet.  After all, with age, the arteries start getting blocked if fatty and junk food is consumed on a daily basis.

Have a healthy diet and keep away from excess oil and fatty products. If you are still young, incorporate berries and blueberries for a healthy heart because hey, you aren’t getting younger with each day.

Its time to do something for your heart. Keep it healthy and it will keep you healthy in return. 
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