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Do You Know, Body Part You Apply Soap First Can Reveal A Lot About You?

Do you take a bath every day? I hope you do.

Some of you might make it a weekly affair while some of you just love it. But I am here to talk about what your showering habits say about your personality and how you are as a person. I can tell you what’s your trait, depending on the body part you apply soap first.

According to research, a specific character trait is associated with the choice of the body part you apply soap first when you hop in the shower. Check it out and get amazed because I bet you didn’t know this about yourself-


body part you apply soap first

Artistic type. You often zoned out, daydream but you also have the capability to fulfil your dream. Though you lack dedication, which can be fixed if you really want to achieve your dream. Your talent is your biggest strength. You don’t care about money, you do have friends but you are very picky. You are good in bed, as you are willing to explore new boundaries to please your partner. Those who choose to wash their chest or private part first will be your best partner in life.


body part you apply soap first

Money is your first priority, you can do anything to get it. You don’t care about dignity or integrity, people around you find it hard to understand you, but you don’t care about what others think. You have friends but you don’t care anything about friendship, to your friends are just the stepping stones. You are average in bed and that’s because you are self-centred and always thinking about your good only. You can find your best partner in people who chose private parts and other parts.


body part you apply soap first

If this is you, you are a cowardly person. you might believe in various conspiracies or might believe that everything is a conspiracy. Don’t get angry at me but people who wash their neck first are also short-tempered. They always try to hide from the responsibilities and your friends can’t rely on you.

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body part you apply soap first

I don’t mean to call you a loser, but you are a born loser. You make a mess of everything and that’s why people don’t really like you. People of your type are usually titled as a gambler or an alcoholic. You want both the money and power but your luck is never your side. You think of life as a punishment of hell, I’m sorry but you are also not very good in bed.

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body part you apply soap first

You are a wanderer. Often, you find yourself zoning out, getting lost into your fictional world. You value the life by living carefree, unrestrained, and nonchalant. Doing so required a lot of physical work. You are amazing in bed, because of your highly active mind that is lost in your mythical, fictional world, you have the ability to please your partner in bed.

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body part you apply soap first

Your parents must have like you, as you are a practical person. Straightforward just like the Spirit ad, for you the most important thing is your convenience. You hate to get distracted when you are focusing on something, you don’t get the chance to focus every day but you do get distracted every day. Luckily you are a good partner in bed and people who chose hairs to wash first are best for you.


body part you apply soap first

You are pretty down to earth type of person. You washing your feet first symbolise the completeness and humility. You are pretty successful in life and you appreciate your life. You are more than average in bed because you don’t hesitate to explore.


body part you apply soap first

You value solidarity and unity. Your habit of washing hand’s first symbolise strength and mental fortitude. You also believe in one-for-all attitude, that’s why you either become a friend or goes straight to the enemies list. People who choose face or hairs are the one you’ll find compatible with.


body part you apply soap first

You are an introvert and a shy person, you might be the one who got bullied in school days. It’s hard for you to open up in front of people that’s why you don’t have many friends. Also, you are boring, that’s true, have to tell you. But, you do open up in front of some people, that’s why you are more than average in bed. People who have chosen hairs and face the one you should hang on to.


body part you apply soap first

A kind, polite person who is dependable and exactly what hard work means. You like to help others but this will often drag you into trouble. You find it hard to decide whether someone has real feelings for you are they just taking your advantage. Your best partner in life will be those who chose shoulders


body part you apply soap first

You are an average person. As you are too focused on hiding your weaknesses by forgetting to highlight your strength. It’s not like you don’t have your opinion, you have but you are afraid to take a stand. People like you and you are average in bed, again because you are afraid to explore. People who washes their face first best for you.

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In Conclusion:

The first thing you prove by taking shower in the first place is that you are a person with basic hygiene. Some of you might be happy, some might be sad after knowing what the body part you soap first says about you. But hey, my point is you should shower every day. Your showering habits reveal much more about you.

 FYI- The list isn’t applicable to people who shower once a month. Just saying! 

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