Bohemia Has No Life Without Mary Jane And Here Is The Proof

Bohemia Has No Life Without Mary Jane And Here Is The Proof

Remember the time, when rap meant “Eminem” and all you did was try to lip-sync to one of his tracks after you get stoned? And then you had the divine revelation that rappers have a wider vocabulary than Shakespeare did.

It was at this time that you craved to have a rapper of your own. You wanted something desi, less complex, something you could immediately relate to, and most importantly,” At least Jiski lyrics samajh aa Jaye”. (lol)

Luckily, it wasn’t long before the DJ God heard your prayers, and, BOOM, out of nowhere, a desi-rapper going by the name of Bohemia dropped a rap album called ‘Pesa Nasha Pyar’. And with this, not just you but a lot of aspiring ‘desi-rappers’ went bonkers.

After all, this hustler not only created the genre of ‘Punjabi-rap’ single-handedly but also popularized it around the globe.

The impeccable lyrics that he weaves around his life, weed, alcohol and difficult times is a total mind-blow. Here are some of Bohemia’s verses describing his fondness for Bhangg (Marijuana):


bohemia verses on bhang

Song: 420


I had a lot of fun when I arrived in Mumbai

Not just Marijuana, I did a lot of hashish

So took a late morning flight the next day out of hangover from last night

But damn! I have a show with Daler Mehndi tonight in Delhi

ViralBake Telegram


Song: Kali Denali


My eyes are red cuz I am high as hell

And all these guys look at me as if they are gonna kill me


Song: Sade Warga


Marijuana, Alcohol, Beautiful girls

With this, I weave my life through words


Song: Gunagaar


We smoke cigars which are rolled with marijuana

‘Raja’ got his eyes red after smoking up a lot


Song: Chhordo


No one has won wars after smoking up

When you get irritated, everything in this world starts messing with you


Song: Sade Warga


No one is like us,

We are too focused on drinking,

and why not when we got everything



Love Acapella


I will leave smoking weed for you,

But if you leave only weed is my companion



Song: Sade Warga


All of these guys keep talking about useless things,

And I wrote all my lyrics when I was high on hash


Song: Gunaagar


I smoke weed and I write my lyrics, only my close friends are my trusted ones,

Some are behind bars while some are selling weed


Song: Sade Warga


I got fed up of weed so I am high on alcohol,

If any one messes with us, they are going to lose their sleep

So, the next time you go clubbing, don’t fail to recognize these masterpieces when the DJ mutes the part. Be the party animal and complete the rap by yelling it at the top of the voice. 

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