WhatsApp New Feature: Book Cabs With WhatsApp

Beginning this week, the official WhatsApp chatbot will allow riders in the Delhi/NCR area to request and pay for an Uber trip.

“In India, it means WhatsApp,” Uber stated in a news statement, a taxi aggregator. Starting this week, our official WhatsApp chatbot will allow riders in the Delhi/NCR area to request an Uber.

Reportedly introduced in Lucknow for the first time in December of last year was integration between WhatsApp and Uber. Depending on whatever lounge a rider chooses to interact with, the chatbot might be utilised in either English or Hindi. When a ride is complete, the WhatsApp chatbot also sends the fare to the user.

Here’s how to request an Uber trip using the messaging app:

  • Keep in mind that +91-7292000002 is Uber’s official business number.
  • A user may reach the Uber chatbot on WhatsApp by sending the message “Hi” or by clicking here. Please note that as of this writing, this function is only available on the mobile version of WhatsApp.
  • Based on the user’s message, the WhatsApp chatbot will request pickup details and enquire where the user would want to be picked up. Users of WhatsApp also have the option of broadcasting their live location to friends and family.
  • As before, the user must now manually provide a drop location.
  • Input the one-time password (OTP) provided to your phone.
  • Once validated, consumers may pick the sort of ride they would want to opt for
  • As a final step, customers will be able to make changes to their rides and either confirm or cancel them.
  • When a ride has been confirmed, the user will get the driver’s and car’s information over WhatsApp.

Which users are eligible for Uber’s version of WhatsApp?

As of this writing, both new and current WhatsApp users with registered phone numbers may utilize the Uber taxi booking function. If you have registered, then you may use this function. Those hoping to use WhatsApp to book an Uber ride need not worry, as the service has made no changes to how drivers interact with the app.

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