Bored At Home? Try To Find Virat Kohli In This Sea Of KL Rahul Pictures

Literally, with cricket grounds empty, even ICC has got nothing to do. So like many of us, ICC is also investing its spare time on the internet. And “early morning,” it found a new and entertaining way to do so.

ICC recently shared a puzzle wherein it asked netizens to find Virat Kohli in the sea of Kl Rahuls. And before we get any further, why not you try to find Kohli in the picture.

Source – ICC

So if you have literally failed, then you must go and check your calendar first because ICC has just April fooled you. There is no Virat Kohli in the picture but only Kl Rahuls and Kl Rahuls.

ICC must have had come up with the idea as KL Rahul and Virat Kohli look very much identical due to their beard.

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However, many netizens were not able to understand that it was an April Fool prank. Some of them even claim to have found Virat Kohli while others pointed out that ICC is bored and got nothing to do right now.

This is clearly not the first time ICC has done something like this to fool the people out there. Last year, ICC pranked us by claiming that the ICC is redesigning the jersey for World Test Championship and the new jerseys will carry a cricket’s Instagram handle name.

Source – ICC

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“As part of our efforts to make the game more appealing to younger generations, the ICC will be applying both numbers and #Instagram handles to kits from the beginning of the #WorldTestChampionship,” ICC had wrote.

Who you are fooling today?

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