Borris Jonhson Vows To Finish Brexit As Conservative Sweep U.K. Election Results

Leading in over 360 seats out of the total 650 in the United Kingdom’s Parliament the Conservative Party is all set to sweep the elections. It is all but sure that the sitting Prime Minister Boris Johnson would return to the office with a thumping support from the voters.

The Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn has gone down massively with the party getting cornered by the voters. The party is leading on just 203 seats marking their worst performance in the elections since 1935.

Disappointment on the sides of Labour can be understood from the statement that Jeremy Corbyn gave after the results of the elections were out. Corbyn said Labour had a “very disappointing night” and he would not fight a future election.

The results also mean that the Conservatives would have their biggest majority at Westminster since Margaret Thatcher’s 1987 election victory. Johnson while addressing the party workers at Party’s headquarters vowed to finish the process of Brexit quickly.

In his speech earlier in the day the PM said, “It does look as though this One Nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done”. Boris who became the PM in July after Theresa May resigned was chosen the leader by his party to replace May.

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SNP Sweeps Scotland

The Conservatives might be taking the rest of the U.K. with a storm but Scotland has something else on their mind. Nicola Sturgeon led Scottish National Party (SNP) is sweeping the count on the 59 seats of Scotland.

The party is leading on 48 seats and is all geared up to give Conservatives a tough fight in the Parliament over the Brexit issue. Sturgeon who was jubilant after the results said that the country had sent a “clear message” on a second independence referendum. She further said that the results had exceeded her expectations.

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The party won 48 seats after securing 45% of the vote – 8.1% more than in the last general election in 2017 when it won 35 seats.

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