Boss’s Day: We Allotted Dialogues To Bossy Situations And Here Are The Results

In a world that claims that discovering what women say and what they mean is difficult, we think otherwise. And we nurtured this belief when we bumped into bosses. 

Bosses can be endearing, annoying, denying, sweet and any other adjective you could think of. And surely it isn’t easy to read them what so ever. 

However, after working with multiple bosses, I have garnered a lot about the way they react, feel or want to say in a particular situation. 

So praying this article doesn’t make-up to my boss’s mobile screen, herein we allot famous dialogues to bossy situations. 

1. When the boss shares a creative idea and it wins applauds, boss be like –

2. When the business is securing good profit

3. When you ask your boss for an appraisal

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4. When the boss calls an urgent meeting

5. When you ask your boss if you can work from home

6. When the boss knows you are lying and he is waiting for you to finish

7. When the boss wants some urgent work done

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8. When the boss says you are fired

You are fired. Live with it.

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