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Boy Staples 52 Cards On Himself To Go Viral, Here’s Why You Should Never Get Influenced From These Videos

The most addictive trend today is going viral, isn’t it?

Everyone wants to go viral nowadays. Some people put their lives at risk by performing some dangerous stunt, while some prefer to push their limits of stupidity and do something so outrageous that makes everyone question their sanity first.

What has happened?

Zach Halliday is a 19-year-old guy from Northwood, Pennsylvania. One fine day, he saw a video of a person who went viral by stapling one card to his forehead. Zach got so impressed by it that he decided to beat him in this challenge.

Not just by stapling cards on his forehead, but he took it to an extent that made him look more insane and less viral.

So, what did he do?

He requested 7 of his friends to help him beat the record by asking them to staple cards on his back. They agree and soon Zack staples 52 cards on himself. Specifically on his back and shoulders and that too in a matter of one minute. I know what you are thinking.

staples 52 cards on himself

And yes, as you expected, he bled. A lot. As a matter of fact, for the next two days, he literally bled through his shirt.

staples 52 cards on himself

When his mother came to know about it, she scolded her and called him stupid and crazy (which obviously he was).

staples 52 cards on himself

But his enthusiasm level wasn’t affected at all. Because his mind was full of the idea of being a viral sensation overnight. Like seriously, what was he thinking? Who does that? I seriously think he was high on something because clearly, he wasn’t thinking straight.

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Watch the video here:

What should you learn from this video?

Absolutely nothing.

Trust me, if you have a little portion of your brain left, you wouldn’t pick up anything from such viral videos. You should understand that there is nothing more important and precious than your own body and life.

If you really want to become a viral sensation, there are many other options you can go for.

And stapling playing cards on your body is the stupidest idea anyone could have gone for. Think of it this way, the stunt Zack pulled off could have put him under medical trouble. The staples could have caused him a serious infection and he might even have been affected with tetanus.

Thankfully, nothing happened to him, but I am sure his mother should try to fill in some sense in his brains (or whatever of that is left) because next, he is planning to become a human dartboard and his stomach will be the bulls-eye.

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In Conclusion:

I know, young minds don’t calculate the repercussions of a step that they are going to take. All they see is the fun and excitement in doing something which can make them feel alive, but they forget that this small step can put their lives in serious danger.

All I want to say is,’ It won’t matter if you have gone viral when you lose a part of yourself while doing so’. So, for once, apply your brains before you think of attempting such a stupid stunt, especially you ZACK.

(And if you don’t have some of it left, it’s time for you to obtain some brains first)

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