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4 Best Ways On How To Break Up With Someone Easily

Right from the first time you saw her, you knew love is a really amazing feeling. Though you were very young to really feel that love, you were just in the middle school. Still, walking while holding each other’s hand, going on a movie and spending time alone. When it’s just you two, feels really amazing.

But as I said, you both were too young, you know the feeling of love but you don’t know how to do break-up. It might not happen today or tomorrow but it will surely happen. At that time you will find your self in a paradox, confused state. You won’t know whether to continue to just tell her or him that it’s over.

For situations like this here are the four best on how to break up with someone easily.

1. Blame it on yourself

how to break up with someone easily

If your lover is too touchy and you don’t want to deal with their crocodile tears. The easiest way to do is blame it on yourself. Don’t tell them, ‘It’s you who is creating the imbalance and I don’t like you anymore. Which is why you are breaking up. Instead, blame it on yourself, tell them its not them, it’s you.

Most of the times, it will leave them perplexed and give you a chance to escape.

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2. Look for an escape (or lie)

how to break up with someone easily

If you think it’s going to be very hard for you to break-up, simply look for an escape. Find an opportunity that looks like it’s not you, it’s the universe making you break-up. Maybe you have to move to a new city because of studies or you get a new more paying job opportunity there. Tell them about all failed long-distance relationships.

But do let them know that you could be with them if you wanted to but you don’t want to be them anymore. This will make them realize later that it was a break-up.

3. Be straight forward

how to break up with someone easily

Why are you feeling nervous, when you know you don’t want to be in that relationship anymore? You know it has become toxic and you aren’t seeing any lights ahead. When you know all this then why are you feeling weird about this break-up. Go and tell your lover, “it’s over, and don’t try to convince me.”

Tell them, ‘We can be friends if you want but I don’t really want to do that either because you are toxic.’

4. In case you there is no easy escape

how to break up with someone easily

When there is no natural occurrence that can help you be distant from them and you know you can’t do it face-to-face. The best way to do is the super old way, write a short note, saying “Sorry, but it’s not working. It’s over,” and leave it at some place where they can see it first thing in the morning. A windshield of their car or the mirror of there bathroom are the two best places to leave the note.

Though this is not what ethically right and everyone might call it a cheap shot. But the choice is yours.

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In Conclusion:

Breakups are always hard for the one person, one person always wants to give it the second try. But it’s good that you are reading this article, this means you are the one who wants to do the break-up.

Use our ways on how to break up with someone easily so that you have to deal with the least drama.

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