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Bruce Lee Quotes On Success To Give You That Sharper Edge For Living Your Life

Bruce Lee (Lee jun-fan) was the one who introduced Kung-fu to the entire world. I still remember the time when I was a kid and tried to copy all his moves from my old television’s screen.

Certainly, I was unable to copy even one, but his quotes have taught me the way to live a successful and happy life. Few people know that other than being a martial artist, instructor, actor, and director, he was also a philosopher.

Here are Bruce Lee’s quotes on success that will help you succeed everywhere-


Bruce Lee quotes on success

Although Bruce Lee was talking about the martial arts in this quote, you can easily relate these words to any learning situation. To be successful, you need to learn new things but before you learn it, make sure to find the source is right and if it is not useful, discard it. Similarly, learn for everyone but copy none.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

Master Lee was simply trying to teach that don’t be a fool to think you are wise, because, if you think so you’ll be a fool. And he has already said that a fool can’t even make a proper use of wise answer.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

Just like he said “There is no limit,” so why are you bounding yourself with one? There is nothing impossible. And if you want to be successful, you need to learn that. Don’t limit your mind with the invisible boundaries that don’t exist.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

I think this one is self-explanatory. Sometimes, you just need a goal to move forward. Maybe, you won’t reach your goal but you will make progress and reach somewhere. And if you look at it, it is way better than before, right?


Bruce Lee quotes on success

The only difference between a successful person and a mediocre is in the way they think and react. A successful person doesn’t waste much time to react or to work on what they want to achieve. While an average person wastes their time thinking about the results, without even trying. So, don’t procrastinate and start working for what you want.

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Bruce Lee quotes on success

Being honest is very important and that’s why Marter Lee was trying to teach all his pupils about honesty. Truth always comes to the surface, the more you lie the more problem it will create. So, never lie.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

No one has told you to be rude, it’s your attitude. No one can influence it except you, yourself. So, why being negative and think like you can not do things that you want to? Positive thinking is something that you’ll need to be successful. Make some changes and start being optimistic.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

The simplest way to learn new things and experiences is to open your mind to new ideas, opportunities, and understandings. No-one might have complete information, but they will always teach you something. Break yourself from the concepts you already know, so that you can learn new ones.


Bruce Lee quotes on success

Always be happy, but never feel completely satisfied. Be happy, but never think that you are successful. Because once you do that, you’ll stop growing and eventually stop being successful. Success is not a stop, it’s a constant journey. You can take rest between your journey but never think that you have reached your destination.

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Bruce Lee on success

Learning is not enough. If you want to be successful, you have to know how to make good use of the knowledge you have gained. This is the only way you can test whatever you have learned is something important or not. Theories can help you understand the concept but to achieve it, you have to put it into practice.

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In Conclusion:

Bruce Lee had a very short life, but he is an immortal soul. We all still remember who Bruce Lee is, which means, no one has forgotten him. His wise and inspirational mind is still helping people, who are trying to get success but are lacking in something.

Learn from these quotes and live your life in a better way, in a successful way.
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